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Houston, Texas


When you are pursuing legal action in Houston, do not settle for just any lawyer. You must receive the attention and care of a local attorney who will advocate for you. Associate Colin W. Jacobson does not view his role of bringing you justice for your pain and suffering as just a job; it is his passion. He instills his firm’s values of honesty and integrity within his practice. Colin’s greatest reward is giving his clients confidence in any aspect of their case.

Associate Attorney Colin W. Jacobson joined Husain Law + Associates, P.C. in 2019. Colin brings a fresh perspective to his legal practice, which concentrates on personal injuries and motor vehicle collisions. As a lifelong resident of Houston, Colin began handling personal injury cases after obtaining his law degree from New York Law School in New York City. Before law school, he earned his Bachelor’s from Texas A&M University.
Certified in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Colin is equipped for any case he is given.

Colin makes it his mission to personally invest himself in your case. He has asserted himself as a loyal and dependable partner to his clients. Colin emphasizes that seriously injured clients not only need legal counsel but emotional support. Colin makes you feel like the only person in the room, even if you are in a crowd. If you have questions or concerns about your case, he will always take time to communicate with you and give you a sincere evaluation of where things stand. If you are looking for the best medical, legal, and financial recovery possible, Colin will ensure he provides that for you.


  • Personal Injury
  • 18 Wheeler Truck Accident Law
  • Car Accident Law
  • Corporate Immigration
  • Aviation
  • Business Litigation
  • Work-Related Injuries