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Primarily a residential community, Bellaire has seen steady growth over the past 30 years. Residents enjoy its quiet nature, along with easy access to the office buildings along Interstate 610. The city’s excellent public schools are a draw for young families looking for a safe place to raise their children.

Even the quietest neighborhoods, however, see their share of car accidents. And victims can end up with huge medical bills, painful injuries, and financial stress.

If you were injured, contact Husain Law + Associates — Houston Accident & Injury Lawyers, P.C. today. Our firm can assist anyone hurt in a car or motor vehicle accident seek compensation against the person responsible for the wreck.

Serious Car Accident Injuries

Even when traveling at low speeds, cars can inflict painful, horrifying injuries. High-speed accidents end up causing life-changing injuries which are very hard to overcome. Some of the most common injuries include:

  • Cuts, Lacerations, and Abrasions: These can leave unsightly scars and even become infected if not cleaned properly.
  • Contusions: A bruise might disappear on its own, but chest contusions represent a serious threat.
  • Fractures: Any bone in the body can break and, if not set properly, become deformed or develop other complications.
  • Neck Injuries: Whiplash, cervical fracture, and nerve damage are common neck injuries caused in motor vehicle crashes.
  • Head Injuries: A car accident victim can strike their head on the steering column or the side of the car. Bleeding in the brain is a serious, life-threatening injury.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs): Any hard shaking of the head can lead to concussions and TBIs. The most common symptoms are confusion, impaired balance, headaches, and memory loss.
  • Organ Damage: A traumatic blow to the body can damage many internal organs. A fractured rib, for example, can spear a lung.
  • Spinal Column Injuries: Injuries to the spinal column lead to crippling pain and, in some cases, paralysis or impaired sensation.

Many victims also struggle with depression, crippling anxiety, or even post-traumatic stress disorder. This type of emotional distress makes recovery even harder.

What Services Do We Provide?

If you contact our firm, we can take over your case and do all the legal work, freeing you up to focus on your physical and emotional well-being. Our firm can instantly:

  • Communicate with insurance companies and shield you from harassing phone calls
  • Document your injuries and losses
  • Analyze fault based on the police report and witness testimony
  • Estimate the full value of your claim
  • Submit documents and paperwork to insurers
  • Make a demand for fair compensation
  • Negotiate with insurers and other parties for a settlement
  • File a lawsuit, if necessary, to protect your rights
  • We provide these services and more to all Bellaire, Texas personal injury clients. We can also assist anyone hurt in other motor vehicle crashes, such as:
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle collisions
  • Bicycle accidents

You Never Pay an Upfront Fee

Many people are afraid they can’t afford a Bellaire car accident lawyer—especially now after they are so injured that many can’t go to work. But Husain Law + Associates — Houston Accident & Injury Lawyers, P.C. is an affordable option. We never charge our clients upfront fees.

Instead, we represent car accident clients on contingency fee agreements. With this arrangement, you get our services for no upfront cost. If we are successful, we accept a portion of your settlement as agreed to at the start of the case. And if we don’t win your case, we don’t get paid. It’s that simple.

We Fight for Maximum Compensation

When someone else is to blame for an accident, you deserve the maximum compensation possible. We seek a settlement that will cover:

  • Medical expenses, including future expenses
  • Lost income, including lost future income for permanent disabilities
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Punitive damages

Very few people can properly estimate the true value of their bodily injuries. They might shortchange themselves for pain and suffering or not even be aware that punitive damages are an option. Let us review the facts to better understand how much you might receive. Then we can get to work negotiating a favorable settlement for you.

Contact a Bellaire, Texas Car Accident Attorney to Review

After a crash, many people are unsure of where to turn. They know they need legal help, but they don’t know the first thing about finding an attorney. If this describes your state of mind, please contact Husain Law + Associates — Houston Accident & Injury Lawyers, P.C. We have spent years fighting for accident victims like you following a car crash.

It is never too early—or too late—to speak with one of our personal injury lawyers. Our consultations are free!

Contact Bellaire Car Accident Lawyers

Car accidents can be devastating for the victims. Our Husain Law + Associates — Houston Accident & Injury Lawyers, P.C. team wants to help you and your loved ones recover fair compensation. We offer a free initial evaluation of your case and provide crucial legal advice. To schedule a consultation, call us now at (713) 804-8149 or reach out to us on our online platforms.

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