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Corvel Workers Compensation Settlements in Texas

CorVel provides risk management solutions like workers’ compensation, auto, health, and disability management. CorVel is critical in providing workers with compensation for non-subscriber employers. Our attorneys at Husain Law + Associates—Houston Accident & Injury Lawyers, P.C. understand what CorVel does and its claims process. They work with injured employees to help them navigate this complex system.

When it comes to dealing with CorVel workers’ compensation settlements in Texas, injured employees must understand their rights and seek professional help. Consulting an experienced attorney who specializes in CorVel workers’ compensation settlements can make a big difference in getting fair compensation and safeguarding throughout the process.

Understanding What CorVel Does

Texas gives employers the choice to subscribe for its official workers compensation insurance. However, most private companies prefer not subscribing. They pay private workers compensation insurance companies instead. Here’s where third party administrators like Corvel come in.

CorVel manages workers compensation claims filed through non-subscriber information. CorVel administrators work closely with employers and employees to resolve workplace injury claim. Injured employees working through this process must seek legal representation to increase the chance of a fair compensation.

Common Workplace Injuries

Workplaces may take steps to keep their spaces safe for employees. Employers take steps to minimize workplace injuries, but they still occur. These injuries depend on the type of workplace and the risks that employees may face when working in these environments. Common workplace injuries include:

  • Slips and falls from wet floors, uneven surfaces and objects on the floor
  • Road traffic injuries
  • Electrical injuries such as electrocution and burns from defective electric connections
  • Burns from hazardous chemicals
  • Compression injuries from being stuck between equipment
  • Amputations from equipment malfunction
  • Overexertion injuries
  • Workplace violence from other employees, customers, or robbers
  • Falling from high heights

Workplace injuries disrupt an injured employee’s ability to work or engage in other activities outside work. Injured workers who suffer severe injuries may develop permanent injuries like spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. In severe cases, workplace injuries could kill the employees. The bereaved have the option to seek damages on behalf of their employers. The damages available to them cover the following:

  • The costs of medication and treatment before your loved one died
  • Burial and funeral costs
  • Lost income and future wages

Reporting an Injury and Seeking Legal Advice

CorVel requires employers to report any workplace injuries and illnesses. This requirement demands that injured employees notify their employers as soon as they are injured. Prompt reporting of injuries is critical to starting the worker’s compensation claims process. Texas grants employees up to 30 days of the injury to report to their employer. Verify the timelines your employer has for reporting these injuries. Employers may have different ways of reporting an injury.

Talk to your supervisor as soon as an injury occurs to file an incident report and begin the next steps. Prompt reporting is also a way to reduce the chance that an employer will decline a claim. Prompt reporting allows injured employees to seek prompt medical help from designated physicians. Injured employees must be careful when reporting their injuries to their employers. Employers can convince injured employees to sign away their right to sue the employer or agree to unfair compensation. Injured employees must, therefore, work closely with lawyers to protect themselves.

Injured employees should never sign written admissions of fault in an injury, nor should they sign any compensation-related paperwork without a lawyer’s help. Legal advice should be a priority for all injured workers in Texas. The worker’s compensation system has complexities that the average employee cannot understand. Injured employees must seek legal assistance to better their chances of obtaining fair compensation compared to those who don’t. Legal advice is important to:

  • Guide you through the complexities of the legal system
  • Ensure that you receive fair treatment
  • Help you navigate the CorVel workers’ compensation settlement process effectively

Types of Compensation Covered by CorVel Workers’ Compensation Settlements

Worker’s compensation insurance reimburses employees injured on the job. Worker’s compensation operates on the assumption employees may not injured if they were not working for the employer. Injured employees are entitled to several benefits. These include:

  • Medical Expenses

Medical treatment in the country is expensive. Injured employees are entitled to reimbursement for their coats when injured at work. Benefits for medical treatment cover present, past, and reasonable future expenses related to an injury. The expertise of financial experts like accountants may be necessary in calculating future costs related to workplace injury.

Lost Income Injured employees could temporarily or permanently lose their ability to work following a work injury. Employers under CorVel provide compensation for the income lost during the recovery period. They may also compensate injured employees for the income they will lose in the future due to their injury. Employers consider certain factors when compensating for future lost income:

  • Age
  • Health status before the injury
  • Career prospects before the injury
  • Pre-injury income

Employers may engage forensic accountants in complex cases. Pain and Suffering Injured employees suffer physical and mental anguish. The intensity of this pain may intensify among workers who suffer severe injuries such as paralysis.

Injured employees seek pain and suffering benefits to compensate for the anguish a workplace injury causes. Injured employee must understand the basics of worker’s compensation and the benefits available after a workplace injury. Such understanding ensures that such employees can advocate for themselves, even when working with an attorney.

Working with a CorVel Worker’s Compensation Lawyer

Injured employees must work with a CorVel Worker’s compensation attorney, especially after a serious injury. Attorneys are familiar with CorVel’s inner workings. Working with these attorneys allows injured employees to obtain a fair settlement for their injuries.

Insurance adjusters often low-ball their clients, hoping they accept the settlement and forfeit their right to sue. Experienced attorneys help injured employees avoid these low-ball offers and negotiate for fair settlements. Such a settlement covers the employee’s

  • Medical expenses
  • Ongoing treatment
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and emotional distress caused by the injury

Attorneys have a deep understanding of Texan compensation laws and experience negotiating with claim adjusters. Their familiarity with the required evidence and arguments helps injured employees negotiate for a fair settlement.

Attorneys guide injured workers on the right way to gather evidence for their claim. Then, they help them present these arguments and evidence during an arbitration hearing or a personal injury lawsuit. The expertise of worker’s compensation lawyers is invaluable for injured employees who lack negotiation skills.

Experienced attorneys provide seamless services, allowing injured employees to focus on their recovery with the assurance that they’ll be fairly compensated for their injuries. Worker’s compensation lawyers work with injured employees to develop a case strategy. This strategy outlines the steps they will follow to seek compensation from CorVel for their injuries.

The lawyer or legal firm an injured employee works with affects the compensation they receive. Choosing the right attorney from the start saves you significant anguish and funds. Some of the factors influencing the attorney an injured employee chooses are:

  • The budget. The services of experienced workers’ compensation attorneys come at a cost. Personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis and are paid when they obtain compensation from your employer. However, injured employees must consider the proposed fee and the hidden charges that the law firm has.
  • Severity of injuries. Some injuries, like sprains, may take a few weeks to resolve and have minimal medical costs. In such cases, employees can handle these claims and obtain settlement from their employers. However, more severe injuries require legal representation as employers will be less willing to take up the financial burden of such injuries.
  • Experience. The experience a worker’s compensation attorney has matters. Choose attorneys who have demonstrable experience claiming compensation from CorVel.
  • Reviews. The opinion of past customers matters when choosing an attorney. Choose attorneys who have a positive reputation and reviews in helping their clients recover compensation after workplace injuries. In addition to the results they produce, these attorneys must rank high in providing friendly customer service to their clients.
  • Resources. Worker’s compensation claims can take time, especially for complex injuries. Combined with the fact that personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, injured employers must consider an attorney’s ability to complete their case comfortably. Do they have the required resources?
  • Accessibility. Injured employees must seek attorneys who are easy to reach. Gauging the availability of an attorney can be as simple as reviewing how soon they respond to customer questions.

Texas CorVel Worker’s Compensation Lawyer

Injured employees who work with lawyers to navigate a CorVel claim have better outcomes than those who work alone. Lawyers at Husain Law + Associates—Houston Accident & Injury Lawyers, P.C. have years of experience working with injured employees seeking compensation for their injuries. These attorneys keep their clients updated on the progress of their cases. Start a free consultation to discuss your CorVel claim.

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