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Five frequent causes of truck collisions

Texas residents probably know that large truck crashes can arise for a number of reasons. However, five causes are more common than others. The No. 1 reason is driver error. Most crashes between trucks and passenger vehicles are due to driver error, and in 81% of such cases, it is the passenger vehicle driver who is at fault. Obviously, though, truckers are not immune to speeding, drowsy driving and drunk driving.

Inadequately trained truckers can be especially dangerous in bad weather, which is the second-most frequent cause of truck crashes. In particular, sudden braking on wet, icy or snowy roads can lead to skidding, hydroplaning or jackknifing.

A third common cause is lack of truck maintenance. This can lead to brake pads becoming worn or cracks in the windshield spreading. The law requires truckers to inspect their vehicles before every shift. At No. 4, many crashes arise because of equipment failure. Equipment manufacturers sometimes make defective or dangerous products, and the company selling the truck may be negligent, too, in failing to detect these.

There have been cases where cargo fell out of a truck, endangering drivers behind it. Improper cargo loading and securing is, incidentally, the fifth most common factor in truck crashes as people may neglect the industry-specific rules regarding this procedure.

Someone who has been injured in a commercial vehicle accident through no fault of their own could be eligible for compensation, but they might want legal guidance before moving forward. A personal injury lawyer may strengthen the case against the responsible party by hiring investigators to gather proof. The lawyer could then negotiate for a settlement covering medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and whatever else is applicable.