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Hobby Lobby Workers Compensation Claims

When you’re just a regular employee trying to earn a living, getting hurt on the job can quickly turn into a nightmare. Missing work means missing paychecks. Medical bills start piling up. And dealing with your employer’s workers’ compensation system is often an exercise in sheer frustration. That’s where our team of workers’ compensation legal experts comes in. We fight hard every single day to make big companies like Hobby Lobby properly compensate employees for on-the-job injuries. No more getting frustrated by their corporate games – with Husain Law + Associates — Houston Accident & Injury Lawyers, P.C. as your lawyers, you get paid what you’re truly owed!

What Types of Hobby Lobby Injuries Are Covered?

Any injury or illness that happened because of your job duties at Hobby Lobby should qualify for workers’ comp benefits, whether it built up over time or stemmed from a sudden accident. Common examples we see from Hobby Lobby employees:

  • Slips, trips, and falls: From cluttered aisles, spills, loose products, or uneven floor mats.
  • Back and lifting injuries: From constantly moving boxes, loading trucks, or stocking.
  • Cuts and lacerations: From dealing with box cutters, shelving units, or broken merchandise.
  • Falling object injuries: Getting struck by falling inventory or improperly stacked items.
  • Repetitive motion injuries: Carpal tunnel, tendonitis, etc. from constant overhead stocking.
  • Burns: Heat burns from working the coffee/snack area or chemical burns.

It doesn’t matter if your injury was “your fault” from a simple misstep. As long as it happened in the regular course of your Hobby Lobby job duties, you qualify.

What Benefits am I Entitled to Receive?

When properly paid out, workers’ comp provides crucial benefits like:

  • Medical treatment: All doctor visits, hospital stays, surgeries, medications, equipment, etc.
  • Disability payments: Regularly paid if you miss work to recover, based on your normal wages.
  • Permanent disability: Lump sum payments if you can’t return to your old job permanently.
  • Vocational rehabilitation: To be retrained for new jobs if you can’t do your old duties.
  • Death benefits: Paid to your family if a workplace injury or illness tragically leads to loss of life.

Benefit amounts depend on factors like how seriously you were hurt, whether disabilities are permanent, your pre-injury wages, and more. At Husain Law + Associates — Houston Accident & Injury Lawyers, P.C.,  our lawyers calculate the full value you’re owed.

What If Hobby Lobby Denies My Claim?

Unfortunately, this is extremely common. Big companies routinely reject workers’ rightful comp claims to protect their profits, knowing many employees give up rather than appeal. Some of the most frequent excuses for denying valid claims:

  • They claim your injury didn’t occur at work
  • They falsely accuse you of safety violations
  • They argue your prior conditions (not the workplace) caused your current injury
  • They say you’ve recovered enough to return to work already

But none of those are legally valid reasons in Texas to deny you the comp benefits you’re owed after a true workplace injury! Our attorneys can gather evidence like:

  • Witness statements confirming your injury happened on the job
  • Medical records and expert opinions showing the severity of your condition
  • Security footage or photos documenting the incident
  • Pay stubs and performance reviews proving you followed safety rules
  • And more to force Hobby Lobby to overturn an improper compensation claim denial

What If I Had a Pre-Existing Injury or Condition?

You can still qualify for workers’ compensation if your job duties at Hobby Lobby aggravated, accelerated, or worsened a prior injury or health condition. For example, say you had a previous back or knee issue in the past. If the frequent lifting, climbing, and walking required as a Hobby Lobby worker caused that old injury to flare up severely again, their workers’ comp insurance should cover all your new medical treatment and lost wages – even though it wasn’t a fully new injury. The same applies if you had an underlying condition like arthritis or diabetes that was relatively managed until the physical demands and stress of your job made your symptoms much worse. Their insurance can’t just deny your claim by saying “pre-existing condition!” We know how to gather evidence proving your Hobby Lobby job duties were the direct cause of your current condition deteriorating. From there, we’ll fight to ensure you receive all rightful medical and disability benefits.

How Long Do I Have to File for Workers’ Compensation?

For workplace injuries in Texas, you have 30 days maximum to notify Hobby Lobby in writing about your injury or illness. Then you have one year from the date it occurred or was diagnosed to actually file the formal workers’ comp claim for benefits. If you miss either of those strict deadlines, you could lose all rights to compensation for that work-related injury or illness. The earlier you give notice and file, the easier it is for your attorney to gather all the key evidence needed. Our advice? Report any potential injury to Hobby Lobby immediately, seek medical attention right away, and consult a workers’ comp lawyer ASAP. Taking fast action both starts the clock running properly on your claim and ensures all documentation is in place from day one.

Can Hobby Lobby Fire Me for Filing a Claim?

Absolutely not – Texas law clearly prohibits any employer from firing, demoting, cutting pay/hours, or retaliating against employees simply for reporting a legitimate on-the-job injury and requesting workers’ comp benefits they’re entitled to. If Hobby Lobby tries any retaliation games after you file a claim, we’ll hit back hard by suing them for wrongful termination, disability discrimination, and all other violation of your worker rights. The one exception is if your injuries permanently prevent you from performing the core duties of your job position with reasonable accommodations. Then Hobby Lobby may be able terminate you. But they can’t simply fire you for exercising your legal right to workers’ comp!

What If I Keep Working with the Injury?

While toughing it out and working through the pain may seem admirable, it can actually backfire and undermine your workers’ comp claim later on. If your injury progressively worsens because you failed to take proper time off to rest and recover initially, Hobby Lobby can try arguing that it must not have been very serious. They’ll claim that if the injury was legitimately disabling, you would have stopped working. Our advice? Follow your doctor’s medical orders to the letter, even if it means taking extended time off from Hobby Lobby. Missing work helps substantiate the severity of your injuries and need for benefits. Trying to power through only gives your employer ammunition to dispute your claim. Plus working with worsening injuries could aggravate your condition even further. It’s just not worth the risk! Take the time you need and let us fight for your full workers’ comp benefits in the meantime.

How Long Do I Have to File My Claim?

The statute of limitations in Texas for reporting workplace injuries is incredibly strict – you must notify Hobby Lobby about your injury within 30 days max. Then you have one year from the date of injury to officially file your claim. If you miss either the 30-day notification window or the one-year claim deadline, you could be completely barred from receiving any workers’ compensation benefits whatsoever related to those injuries. The sooner you report your accident and injuries, the better for:

  • Preserving fresh evidence like witness accounts, video footage, and accident scene details
  • Showing the injury legitimately occurred at work and wasn’t pre-existing
  • Starting your benefit payments quickly so you’re not missing out on wages
  • Increasing your chances of having a strong, defensible claim overall

Don’t wait too long thinking your injuries will heal on their own! That delay could really come back to bite you if the condition keeps lingering or worsening over time.

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