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Did you get injured working at Academy Sports + Outdoors in Houston? You may deserve to get compensated, and we can help you get the maximum possible compensation. Call (713) 804-8149 for a free consultation.

Academy Sports + Outdoors is a major retailer with dozens of locations across the Houston area. Thousands of hard-working Houstonians clock in at Academy every day to stock shelves, run cash registers, and keep the massive stores running. But retail work can be grueling — and sometimes dangerous. Slips, falls, back injuries from constant lifting, and other on-the-job accidents are all too common.

If you suffered an injury or illness due to your employment at Academy Sports, you could be entitled to workers compensation benefits like:

  • Payment for all medical treatment related to your work injury
  • Cash payments for missed work time while you recover
  • Compensation for any permanent impairment from your injury
  • Work re-training if you cannot return to your former job

But collecting these benefits is often an uphill battle. Academy Sports + Outdoors has a team of attorneys whose job is to minimize what the company has to pay out in workers comp claims. That’s why you need Husain Law + Associates — Houston Accident & Injury Lawyers, P.C. in your corner. Our respected firm has over 20 years of experience taking on the biggest companies and maximizing payouts for injured workers.

What injuries are covered by workers comp at Academy Sports?

Any injury or illness caused by the conditions of your employment should be covered by workers’ compensation insurance at Academy Sports. This includes:

  • Slip and fall injuries from spills or hazards in the store
  • Back, neck and shoulder injuries from constant lifting and stocking
  • Repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel from operating cash registers
  • Injuries from falling shelves, product displays or store fixtures
  • Illnesses caused by exposure to mold, fumes or other hazardous substances

The injury does not have to happen from a sudden accident either. Wear-and-tear injuries that develop over time from the physical demands of the job are also covered.

My injury wasn’t that bad. Should I still file a claim?

Absolutely. No injury should be considered too “minor” to merit filing a workers’ compensation claim at Academy Sports. Here’s why:

1) The full extent of your injury may not be apparent right away. What feels like a little back twinge could actually be the first signs of a herniated disc or other serious condition. Getting it on record protects your rights down the road.

2) Even “minor” injuries often require diagnostic expenses like MRIs, CT scans, etc., and medical treatment that can add up fast. Workers comp should cover all reasonable and necessary costs.

3) You suffered an injury in the course of your employment. Period. You are entitled to have Academy Sports’ workers comp insurance take care of it. simple as that.

The bottom line: never gamble with your health and rights just because your injury may seem small at first. Foot the entire bill yourself and suffer in silence is exactly what Academy’s lawyers would prefer you do. Don’t play into their hands.

How much will I get paid while off work?

In Texas, workers comp pays around 70% of your regular weekly wages while you are off work recovering from your injury, up to the state’s maximum weekly amount. We will analyze your earnings history to ensure you get the maximum benefit rate you qualify for based on your “average weekly wage” at Academy.

These ongoing payments are meant to take the place of your lost wages while you recover from your injury. They should continue until you can return to work or a doctor determines you have permanent restrictions.

In addition to these “income benefits,” the workers comp insurance company should pay ALL related medical costs tax-free. From emergency room visits to surgery costs to prescriptions and physical therapy, you should not have to pay a dime out of pocket for anything related to an on-the-job injury at Academy Sports.

How long do I have to report my Academy injury?

In most cases, you should report any potential work-related injury to Academy Sports within 30 days or you could jeopardize your right to benefits. The sooner the better — try to give written notice immediately if possible.

From there, Academy and its workers comp insurance carrier have a limited window to decide whether to approve or deny your claim. This is a critical period where having Husain Law + Associates — Houston Accident & Injury Lawyers, P.C. by your side from the very start can tip the scales in your favor.

Can Academy fire me for getting injured or filing a claim?

No. It is illegal in Texas for any employer — including Academy Sports — to fire, demote or otherwise retaliate against you for filing a workers compensation claim for a legitimate on-the-job injury. Your job must be protected while you are off on workers comp leave.

Unfortunately, many corporations like Academy will find underhanded excuses to terminate or harass injured workers who speak up about their rights. That’s when you need to lawyer up. Our respected firm has won multi-million dollar sanctions and settlements from employers for this kind of deplorable behavior. We will make them pay dearly.

The workers’ comp insurer denied my claim. Now what?

Take a deep breath — all is not lost. Claim denials are extremely common on the first pass. The insurance companies know many workers will just give up and walk away at this point.

But Husain Law + Associates has a whole arsenal we can deploy to overcome a denial:

Appeals – We will file an appeal and Request for Benefit Review Conference to get the denial looked at again by a higher authority.

Negotiation – With over two decades negotiating workers comp claims, we can often get insurers to reverse course through careful Settlement talks.

Lawsuits – If negotiations break down, we are not afraid to file a formal lawsuit in court and take the case in front of a judge or jury if needed.

Hearings – At every stage, we will gather and present medical evidence, witness testimony and legal arguments before the Department of Labor hearing officers who decide claims.

Bad Faith Claims – If we can demonstrate the insurance company acted improperly by denying your valid claim, we can pursue separate “bad faith” legal action that can win you additional monetary damages.

The workers’ comp process is arduous by design — meant to exhaust and frustrate injured workers into giving up. Husain Law + Associates will never let that happen. With us in your corner, you can rest and recover while we handle Academy’s insurance bullies.

I’m undocumented. Can I still file for workers comp at Academy?

Yes. All employees — even those without legal immigration status — are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in Texas after an on-the-job injury. Immigration status does not affect your rights in this arena.

Husain Law + Associates — Houston Accident & Injury Lawyers, P.C. respects the privacy of our clients completely. We have aided many undocumented workers in getting their Academy Sports benefits over the years, and will never jeopardize your immigration status. You have that assurance when you hire our firm.

Academy offered me a quick settlement. Should I take it?

Tread very carefully here. The insurance company is not looking out for your best interests when it comes to these “compromise settlement” offers. Often they will push for a low-ball lump sum in hopes you will sign away your rights to additional benefits down the road.

Before even considering a settlement offered by Academy’s workers’ comp insurer, you should have one of our lawyers review all the details involved. We will assess:

  • Whether the dollar amount is truly enough to cover all future expected medical costs
  • If you are being properly compensated for any permanent disability
  • That the settlement does not prevent you from pursuing other legal claims or actions
  • Carefully reading the fine print for any hidden traps or disadvantages

Many times, we advise our clients to reject these early lowball settlement offers outright. Husain Law + Associates — Houston Accident & Injury Lawyers, P.C. has the resources and stamina to fight for your full rightful benefits. We would much rather take Academy’s insurance company to task through the hearings process to maximize your payout.

Should you eventually decide a settlement is the right path, our skilled negotiators will leverage every advantage to secure you the maximum possible lump sum award. But we won’t let Academy Sports push you into an unfair deal that sells your claim short.

What if my injury will prevent me from returning to work at Academy?

First, you may be entitled to significant compensation through workers comp — either a lump sum payment for your permanent impairment rating or ongoing “permanent total” wage benefits.

But what if the settlement or benefit amount still won’t be enough for you to maintain your way of life long-term? In that case, Husain Law + Associates can explore pursuing a separate personal injury claim against Academy Sports in addition to the workers’ compensation case.

Third-party liability claims are possible if we can demonstrate Academy’s negligence led to a dangerous condition that caused your injuries. Winnings from these types of suits can provide additional compensation for things like pain/suffering, loss of earning capacity and other damages not covered by workers comp alone.

We have secured multi-million dollar verdicts for clients whose injuries made it impossible to resume their previous occupations. While nothing can undo a devastating injury, these settlements can at least provide financial peace of mind and security as you are forced to pivot careers.

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If you have been injured while working for Academy Sports + Outdoors, you need the best legal representation that we provide. Husain Law + Associates — Houston Accident & Injury Lawyers, P.C. takes immense pride in fighting for the rights of hard-working Houstonians. Let us stand up for your rights. The call and consultation is free. Just dial (713) 804-8149 to get started.

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