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How to drive safely in winter weather

In the event that winter leaves the roads icy, wet, or snowy, drivers in Texas will need to know how to stay safe and avoid accidents. The following are just a few fundamental tips. First, drivers should try to limit their excursions, going out only when necessary. Once they are on the road, drivers must slow down and keep a good distance (five to six seconds at the minimum) from the vehicle in front.

The tires can lose traction at high speeds and in cases of sudden braking and harsh acceleration. Drivers should start braking sooner and keep it gradual. At traffic lights, try to keep up momentum rather than come to a complete stop because accelerating after a complete stop can lead to the wheels spinning.

Braking and accelerating should ideally be avoided when going uphill. Drivers can gain forward motion on the flat part and then keep a slow but steady pace until they reach the crest. There, they should slow down and be on the lookout for pedestrians and oncoming cars. Drivers with ABS should understand the proper way to brake. The same goes for drivers with features like brake assist and electronic brakeforce distribution.

Drivers will find it hard to make up excuses if they cause a crash in winter weather. They will be held liable, and their auto insurance company may find itself facing a personal injury case if the other side incurred injuries. Texas being an at-fault state, there are no limitations as to who can file a claim. The only requirement is that the plaintiff’s degree of fault is less than the plaintiff’s. Victims who want to be reimbursed for their medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages and other applicable losses may want to see a lawyer for assistance.

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