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Based out of Katy, Texas, the Igloo Coolers plant is an intense center of activity – producing 15 million coolers annually that are sold around the globe. Although safety procedures at Igloo’s distribution centers are in place, sometimes their high-paced nature leads to serious employee injuries and illnesses that must be reported promptly to management.

Navigating the legal maze associated with Igloo Coolers injuries can be complex and can often feel daunting. At Husain Law + Associates — Houston Car Accident, Personal Injury and Truck Accident Lawyers, P.C., our experienced team specializes in representing those injured working non-subscriber employers like Igloo. We’re dedicated to helping individuals receive fair compensation for injuries sustained on-the-job such as Igloo.

Common Injuries at Igloo Coolers 

Working as engineers, injection mold operators, drivers, forklift operators or assembly workers exposes employees to various potential injuries that they might sustain while performing these roles. Here are a few specific instances of injuries an employee could sustain:

Back Injuries: These injuries often arise from lifting heavy coolers, repetitively bending forward or operating machinery. Herniated discs cause significant pain and mobility issues while muscle strains lead to persistent discomfort.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs): TBIs can result from falls from heights, being hit by falling objects, machinery accidents or vehicle incidents, with symptoms ranging from mild concussions causing temporary confusion and headaches to more serious head trauma with lasting cognitive impairment, memory loss or personality changes requiring long-term rehabilitation or personality alterations.

Causes of Injuries at Igloo Coolers

Employees at Igloo Coolers face several potential hazards on the job, such as:

Falls from Height:

Accidents may happen when employees fall from ladders, scaffoldings or elevated platforms while performing maintenance, stocking shelves or performing inspections – falling can result in fractures, head and spinal cord injuries for employees who fall off these structures and employers should provide proper fall protection measures such as harnesses and guardrails to mitigate accidents that result in falls from height.

Repetitive Movements:

Assembly line workers can become vulnerable to strains and repetitive stress injuries due to the long, strenuous motions required in building and packaging coolers, leading them to strain their backs or experience repetitive stress injuries that lead to chronic pain or disability, hampering their ability to work as planned or perform daily activities. Over time these injuries could prevent employees from being productive at work as planned or even from participating fully in daily life activities such as gardening and yard care.

Falling Objects:

Heavy equipment or improperly stacked boxes that fall from shelves or forklifts can cause serious injuries such as fractures, head trauma and spinal trauma to their victims. Employers have an obligation to ensure materials are secured appropriately before stacking for storage purposes in order to minimize risk in such instances; conducting regular safety inspections as well as employee training regarding safe material handling practices are both ways that employers can decrease such incidents.

Motor Vehicle Accidents:

Workers operating company vehicles such as forklifts or delivery trucks run the risk of accidents due to inadequate training, equipment malfunction or hazardous workplace conditions, which could lead to injuries and fatalities requiring comprehensive driver training programs and regular vehicle maintenance checks for enhanced safety.

Equipment Malfunction:

Equipment malfunction can result in injuries for manufacturing and distribution processes, including conveyor belts, mold injection machines and packaging equipment. Employers have an obligation to regularly inspect and maintain this equipment to avoid accidents and injuries; adopting an efficient maintenance schedule with prompt addressing reported equipment issues can significantly decrease malfunction risk.

If you have been injured on the job at Igloo Coolers due to any of these causes, our attorneys are ready and waiting to explore all available legal avenues on your behalf and pursue compensation that rightfully belongs to you.

Recovering Compensation at Igloo Coolers 

Being non-subscribers to Texas workers’ compensation insurance means Igloo Coolers does not provide the statutory benefits typically awarded for injuries suffered on the job; however, you could pursue compensation through personal injury lawsuit and may recover damages such as: 

Lost Wages:

Lost wage payments cover past and future earnings that you lost as the result of an injury during treatment and recovery; such as regular wages, overtime pay bonuses or career advancement opportunities that were compromised due to it. Our calculation takes into account your employment records salary history testimony on earning potential as part of our calculation formula.

Medical expenses:

Our coverage extends to any necessary treatment associated with your injury, such as surgeries, hospital stays, medications, physical therapy sessions or assistive devices. 

Pain and Suffering:

Workplace accidents have an immense detrimental impact on mental and emotional well-being; we strive hard to secure compensation that accurately represents any damages from workplace incidents. By compiling medical records, psychological evaluations, personal testimony as evidence for each claimant suffering claim submitted for compensation from workplace incidents we aim for maximum recompense available for victims’ losses.

Loss of Earning Capacity:

If an injury results in permanent disabilities that limit future earnings potential, compensation could be available for diminished earning capacity. Our lawyers collaborate with vocational experts to assess how far your injury impacts upon future work capability; then calculate its present value using various factors like age, education level, work experience and industry conditions to calculate this present value of lost earning capacity. 

Punitive Damages:

Punitive damages may be awarded when there has been gross negligence or willful misconduct on behalf of employers, to both punish them and deter similar behavior from occurring again in future cases. We investigate your case thoroughly in order to assess if punitive damages should be sought and vigorously represent you before the court, providing evidence pertaining to their reckless or intentional acts that contributed directly or indirectly to your injury.

Filing a Lawsuit against Non-Subscriber

Filing a lawsuit against non-subscribers such as Igloo Coolers allows employees to sue them for negligence in addition to collecting basic compensation benefits from them, unlike workers’ comp claims which often prevent this action from being filed in the first place. Our attorneys will work closely with you in such an attempt in order to prove:


Prove Igloo Coolers’ failure to provide a safe working environment, train employees in accordance with standards or address known hazards that led to your injury. We gather evidence like safety records, incident reports and witness testimonies in order to build your case of negligence; in particular by reviewing workplace safety protocols, maintenance records, employee training programs for violations as well as workplace inspection reports to identify violations that caused harm or injuries to occur.


Establish an indisputable link between employer negligence and your injuries through expert testimony, medical records and workplace incident reports. Our team works with medical professionals and accident reconstruction experts to establish how the accident took place and to document any associated injuries sustained during our reconstructions, creating timelines that illustrate this direct connection.


In order to receive fair compensation for economic and noneconomic losses, it’s essential that we fully document and quantify both economic and noneconomic losses arising from an injury in terms of economic costs and noneconomic harms. To this end, we collect financial records, medical bills, employment history data from vocational experts as well as testimony from them regarding its effect on your life after injuries occur.

In addition, future expenses like ongoing medical treatment or reduced earning capacity should also be fully compensated so you are fully reimbursed in terms of any long term consequences such as reduced earning capacity compensation so you’re compensated in terms of both economic damages as well.

Husain Law + Associates — Houston Car Accident, Personal Injury and Truck Accident Lawyers, P.C. Can Assist

We understand the difficulties injured workers experience when working with non-subscriber employers such as Igloo Coolers. Our legal team offers years of experience and aggressive advocacy on our client’s behalf; having successfully represented individuals involved with workplace injuries at non-subscriber companies.

Initial Consultation:

Our comprehensive approach starts with offering free initial consultations to assess and provide personalized legal advice about each case we take on. During these meetings we discuss your rights, potential options available to you in court proceedings against Igloo Coolers as well as timelines and the evidence necessary for building strong cases against them.


Our attorneys specialize in successfully negotiating settlement offers from insurance companies and legal representatives on your behalf to achieve fair and adequate compensation for all your losses. As skilled negotiators, they strive to maximize compensation while advocating on your behalf for maximum returns. We prepare detailed settlement proposals before engaging in strategic discussions to reach a favorable result.


Should it become necessary, our litigation services are prepared to bring your case before a judge and jury in court in order to secure maximum compensation on your behalf. Our trial attorneys possess proven success in complex litigation proceedings; they’re dedicated to fighting on your behalf for justice – with witness preparation services and expert witnesses provided so your case presents itself effectively before the courts. 

Additional Resources and Support Available Throughout Our Process

Husain Law + Associates — Houston Car Accident, Personal Injury and Truck Accident Lawyers, P.C. believes in providing comprehensive support for our clients and offers services such as:

Medical Referrals:

We can connect you with trusted healthcare professionals specializing in treating workplace injuries. It’s critical that prompt medical treatment be received so as to maximize recovery while documenting injuries for potential cases against employers or insurance carriers.

Financial Guidance:

At our practice, we understand the financial strain that arises due to an injury and can assist in understanding your options for receiving compensation, managing medical bills and meeting immediate financial needs. Our team can guide and advise you through this process so as to achieve a positive result for both sides.

Emotional Support:

Dealing with workplace injuries can be emotionally trying. Our understanding team is available to provide comfort and guidance through every stage of the legal process – prioritizing open dialogue to keep our clients fully informed at each turn of their journey.

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