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Experienced Legal Representation for Lufthansa Flight Injuries

Have You Sustained Injury on a Lufthansa Flight? You could be entitled to compensation. Air travel should be enjoyable and worry-free; unfortunately, accidents do happen and injuries occur on commercial flights including those operated by Lufthansa. At Husain Law + Associates – Accident Attorneys, P.C., our lawyers specialize in representing clients injured on commercial flights like these operated by Lufthansa – with experience representing those operating their flights. Our lawyers understand aviation law as we commit our services towards helping clients recover what compensation is due to them.

Common Sources of In-Flight Injuries

Flight injuries can arise for various reasons, and understanding these potential triggers is key in developing an effective legal case against them. Here are a few common sources:

Turbulence: Turbulence is one of the leading causes of in-flight injuries. Sudden and unexpected turbulence can force passengers from their seats or cause collisions within an aircraft’s interior, particularly among passengers not wearing seat belts. Those without protection could experience minor bruises to serious head trauma and fractures due to this phenomenon.

Falling Objects: Items falling from overhead bins or service carts can result in serious injuries, particularly during periods of high turbulence or when aircrafts tilt. Overhead bins could open or improperly secured items could fall when tilting occurred resulting in head injuries, cuts and bruises or more serious conditions like concussions or head traumas.

Slip and Fall Accidents: Spills, cluttered aisles or wet surfaces in the cabin may lead to slip-and-fall accidents that leave passengers injured and flight attendants scrambling for solutions. Flight Accidents of this nature often result in severe head trauma in addition to other physical damages like fractures.

Defective Equipment: Malfunctioning seatbelts, tray tables, or any equipment can put passengers at serious risk during flight. A flawed seat belt might fail to protect its wearer during turbulent conditions while an unsafe tray table could result in injuries during takeoff or landing. Defective equipment poses significant risk; airlines should uphold their responsibility of keeping aircraft properly maintained to minimize this threat.

Food and Beverage Burns: Hot beverages and meals may cause burns when spilled accidentally. Sudden movements or turbulence may result in spillage of hot drinks and meals, leading to painful burns that require medical treatment and can increase stress during travel.

Medical Emergencies: Delays or inadequate responses to medical emergencies on board an aircraft can compound injuries and conditions. Though airlines must maintain first aid kits and trained personnel for emergencies such as heart attacks, strokes or severe allergic reactions that require immediate medical intervention – immediate and efficient medical attention may not always be available potentially leaving passengers vulnerable in emergency situations.

In-Flight Injuries Can Have Long-Reaching Consequences

Injuries sustained while flying can range from minor discomfort to life-altering consequences. Injuries can cause:

Physical Pain: From minor bruises to major fractures, in-flight accidents often have severe physical impact that must be dealt with in terms of pain relief and recovery time.

Emotional Distress: Traumatic in-flight injuries may lead to anxiety, depression and other emotional complications that require medical care for treatment and ongoing support.

Medical Costs: Treatment expenses such as rehabilitation services can add up quickly while loss of Income may arise from time off work or deterioration in earning capacity following injuries sustained while flying.

Reduced Quality of Life: Long-term or permanent injuries may significantly limit daily activities and overall quality of life.

Legal Framework for Aviation Injury Claims

Claims related to incidents on Lufthansa flights fall within international and domestic laws:

The Montreal Convention: This international treaty establishes airline liability for passenger injuries on international flights. In case of death or bodily harm occurring while onboard an aircraft or during its boarding or disembarking process, damages caused to any victim can be held against that airline as per this treaty.

Domestic Laws: Depending on where the injury occurred, domestic laws may also play a part. For instance, in the U.S. state tort laws may allow victims of personal injuries to pursue personal injury claims for compensation.

Providing Evidence of Liability

To successfully claim compensation for an in-flight injury, it is crucial that several key elements can be proven:

Negligence: Proving negligence on the part of airlines and employees is essential when filing injury claims against them. Such negligence could take form in various forms such as failing to secure overhead bins properly, improper food and beverage handling practices, inadequate maintenance of equipment and lack of medical response services during emergencies; collecting evidence such as witness statements, maintenance records or video footage will assist with this effort.

Establishing Causation: Proving that airline negligence caused injury can be crucial. Proving this means showing that injuries would have not arisen without their actions or inactions is key in this respect – medical records, expert testimony or detailed accounts of an incident may help establish causation as evidence.

Damages: Demonstrating the extent and financial and emotional impacts of injuries sustained is key in quantifying compensation sought, including medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering claims and any other relevant forms of remuneration. Collecting evidence such as medical bills, wage statements or psychological evaluations to build your strongest possible case is necessary for creating an effective claim strategy.

Why Choose Husain Law + Associates – Accident Attorneys, P.C.?

Experience in Aviation Law

Our attorneys possess extensive expertise in handling aviation-related injury claims. We recognize the unique complexities involved with such cases, while remaining up-to-date on current aviation developments to provide clients with optimal representation. 

Case Evaluation

At Husain Law + Associates – Accident Attorneys, P.C., we conduct an intensive case evaluation to understand all aspects of your injury and its repercussions on your life. We gather all relevant evidence, such as medical records, witness accounts and expert opinions in order to build the strongest case on your behalf.

At our firm, we recognize the personalized nature of each case requires an approach tailored to you and your goals. Our attorneys design legal strategies tailored to achieve the optimal result in every instance. We look forward to being part of your journey toward reaching this goal.

Aggressive Representation

From negotiations and litigations, to seeking settlement agreements or representing you in court proceedings, our focus is firmly on aggressively protecting the rights of each client we represent. Our aim is to secure maximum compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain & suffering as well as other damages sustained due to accidents.

OUR Process

Free Consultation

We provide a complimentary initial consultation to assess and answer any of your inquiries about your case, legal options available to you, and next steps that need to be taken. During this meeting we can analyze details regarding your injury as well as outline our services to you based on these evaluations and your questions about them – making this meeting both educational and useful as an introduction into how best we can assist.

Our focus on open communications enables us to give the support that will allow for informed decision-making processes to ensue.

Investigative Steps

Our team conducts an in-depth investigation, gathering all available evidence. This may include reviewing flight logs and maintenance logs as well as passenger/crew statements or any available video footage of an incident. In collaboration with medical specialists, we assess injuries sustained and the appropriate treatments necessary. By uncovering all aspects of an event that led up to your injury, we hope to build a detailed picture of what transpired and increase chances for successful resolution of cases in court.


Our negotiation team works directly with Lufthansa’s legal and insurance representatives in an attempt to reach an equitable agreement for you. Throughout this process, we provide updates as we assist in understanding any settlement offers received.


If a fair settlement cannot be achieved, our experienced litigation lawyers can take your case all the way to court to secure you the compensation that is rightfully yours.

Here Are Some Questions You May Have

How Soon Must I File a Claim for Inflight Injury?

Each jurisdiction’s statute of limitations differs; under the Montreal Convention, passengers usually have two years from the incident date to file their claims with legal representation if necessary. Therefore, it’s crucial that consultation with an attorney take place as quickly as possible so your claim can be filed within its appropriate deadlines.

What If My Injury Was Partly My Fault?

Even if you believe you contributed partially to the incident that led to your injuries, compensation may still be available under comparative negligence rules in many jurisdictions. But any award might be reduced depending on how responsible each party was; our attorneys can assist in understanding whether these laws apply in your situation.

How Much Compensation Am I Entitled to? 

Your compensation amount depends upon many factors, including the severity and impact of your injuries as well as any financial losses sustained as a result of them. Our attorneys will carefully analyze each case they handle with experts in order to provide fair estimates for damages that you deserve and fight to get them.

Will My Case Go to Trial? 

Most personal injury claims can be settled out-of-court without needing a trial, but if this cannot be accomplished we are fully prepared to bring the matter forward for trial proceedings. Our attorneys will discuss potential outcomes with you so you can make an informed decision as to whether settlement or litigation are the appropriate actions to be taken.

How Much Will It Cost to Acquire Your Services 

At Husain Law + Associates – Accident Attorneys, P.C., our contingency fee model means no legal fees are owed until we win your case. During our free consultation session, we’ll explain our fee structure as well as answer any queries about associated costs related to your matter.

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