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Have You Suffered A Gas Explosion? How To Get Justice and Compensation

A Houston gas explosion lawyer can help you with your gas explosion case. Gas explosions occur in our homes, workplaces, and industrial areas. They cause loss of life and massive destruction of property, infrastructure, and livelihoods. Additionally, they cause emotional, financial, and long-term physical pain for those left with injuries and those who lose loved ones.

Our law firm has years of practice and success in personal injury cases. We support personal injury victims by helping them pursue justice. Also, we help them get compensation for their injuries. 

Our gas explosion practice helps victims seek favorable settlements for their injuries and loss of enjoyment of life. Also, we help victims to hold liable parties accountable for the death of their loved ones. 

The experts in our team have years of experience and knowledge in court procedures and personal injury laws and strive to achieve the best results for our clients. 

Read on to understand the intricacies of gas explosions and how to get legal assistance when pursuing justice and compensation. 

Why Does Gas Explode

Many factors cause gas explosions. Gas leaks, poor maintenance, faulty gas lines, or improper installation are some of the leading reasons for gas explosions. Other factors, such as natural disasters, can lead to gas explosions. 

Cases of negligence, such as improper handling of combustible material and insufficient ventilation, can also lead to gas explosions.

When we take a gas explosion matter, it is essential to find out the cause of a gas explosion. It helps to direct the cases we take on for victims of the explosions. When you know the origin, you can pinpoint the liable party to sue or negotiate compensation with. 

Gas leaks are a prelude to gas explosions. Old gas lines, poor maintenance and care, and a lack of safety measures are some causes of gas leaks. These are negligent acts from the party or entity responsible for servicing the gas lines. 

A Houston Gas Explosion Lawyer will help you Find the Liable Party In A Gas Explosion

Thorough investigations are necessary to find the liable party in a gas explosion. Our law firm has an experienced and knowledgeable in-house investigation team. It will help establish liability in gas explosion cases. 

Additionally, we work with partner agencies such as engineering firms to help to assess the scene and check for potential code violations. 

Our investigators help to determine the cause of explosions. It helps to identify negligence, the use of faulty equipment, lack of maintenance, or other factors that caused the explosions. 

The evidence we collect helps build a solid case that we present in court or negotiations to seek justice and compensation for our clients and to ensure that the responsible parties are held accountable.  

How To Navigate the Legal Landscape When Dealing With Gas Explosions

Different jurisdictions have varying laws and regulations to enhance safety when dealing with gas infrastructure and use. Additionally, these laws stipulate how a gas explosion case proceeds, how to identify liability and hold responsible parties accountable. 

The laws relied on for gas cases include building codes, safety standards, and other regulations that relate to gas installation, equipment, and use. 

You require a lawyer who understands the laws and can use them to litigate your case successfully. 

Identifying Liability In A Gas Explosions Case

Identifying who is at fault for a gas explosion is the critical step of a gas explosion case. It could be the gas utility companies, property owners, manufacturers of gas system equipment, contractors, or other parties. 

When you know the responsible party, you can file a claim for compensation and start negotiations. 

Houston Gas Explosion Lawyer: Available Legal Avenues and Damages To Pursue In A Gas Explosion Case

In gas explosion cases, victims have various legal avenues they can use to pursue compensation for their injuries and losses. Negligence claims arise when the actions or inactions of another party result in a gas explosion and subsequent harm. It can include failures in maintenance, installation, or adherence to safety protocols. 

Product liability claims are applicable if defective gas systems or appliances caused the explosion. These claims hold manufacturers or distributors responsible for placing faulty products in the market. Therefore, victims can pursue compensation from the manufacturer of the defective products.

Our skilled attorneys can competently handle negligence and product liability claims, and we strive to build strong cases to secure the maximum compensation available for our clients.

At Husain Law + Associates — Houston Accident & Injury Lawyers, P.C., we understand the complexities of navigating the legal implications and determining liability in gas explosion cases. Further, our dedication to fighting for the rights of gas explosion victims is visible in our winning record.

Our extensive knowledge of the laws and regulations surrounding gas explosions, ability to identify responsible entities, and expertise in negligence and product liability claims make us your best partner as you seek justice and compensation.

Injuries Caused By Gas Explosions

Gas explosion victims may suffer different injuries depending on their situation relative to the blast source. 

Further, different circumstances result in varying injuries and severity.

The following are the most common injuries caused by gas explosions.

  • Burns and Scarring. Gas explosions produce intense heat that can cause severe burns. Depending on the severity, burns can cause death, significant long-term pain, disfigurement, and scarring over the burned part of the body. Injuries from severe burns may require continuous medical treatment and rehabilitation, surgeries, and skin grafts. These effects have a financial and emotional impact on the victims.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs). Gas explosions can lead to concussions, skull fractures, and other traumatic brain injuries. These injuries to the head can result in memory loss, personality change, and other long-term effects. 
  • Blast Injuries. Gas explosions cause debris and shrapnel to fly all over the area of the explosions. Sharp objects may injure an individual causing wounds and internal injuries that may cause excessive bleeding, death, or surgery.
  • Respiratory Problems. Gas explosions can result in smoke inhalation, chemical burns in the airway, or lung problems. The gas explosion produces toxic gases that cause these respiratory systems problems.
  • Loss of Hearing. Gas explosions are thunderous. They cause a loud noise that may lead to temporary, partial, or complete hearing loss.

Other Injuries Caused By Gas Explosions

The aftermath of gas explosions on individuals and communities goes beyond the physical and visible harm. Victims suffer anxiety, depression, PTSD, sleep disturbances, and other emotional problems. These emotional problems affect the victim and their caregivers.

Additionally, gas explosions cause untold financial burdens on families and the health system in a community. Victims of the gas explosion may require ongoing expensive medical procedures and treatment. They may also require continued medication use to become a functional member of society. 

The injuries may cause the victims to become physically disabled and a likely loss of income due to the inability to work. Further, it will lead to expensive modifications at home for ease of access and maneuverability. 

Get The Right Medical Treatment After A Gas Explosion

Seek immediate medical attention if you are a victim of a gas explosion.

Depending on the source of the explosion, and your distance from it, you may not have physical injuries. However, a medical check may find internal injuries or gas poisoning. 

The medical records showing the extent of your injuries and the cost of treatment are essential in building a solid case for compensation. 

At Husain Law + Associates — Houston Accident & Injury Lawyers, P.C., we know the physical, financial, and emotional impact that comes upon a family after a gas explosion or any other severe accident, injury, or wrongful death. We strive to provide legal and emotional support to our clients during the case. 

Further, by building and presenting a solid case, we help them receive sufficient financial compensation that will help them meet future medical and personal needs. 

Why Hire a Houston Gas Explosion Lawyer For Gas Explosion Injuries

  • Experience. Our attorneys are committed to fighting for justice for our clients and helping them receive the compensation they deserve.
  • Availability. If you or a loved one are in a gas explosion, we are available to help. 
  • Affordability. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your case. We work on a contingency basis for personal injury cases. 
  • Support- We support our clients to get back into society. We are by their side as they seek justice for the losses caused by the gas explosion. Further, we ensure clients get emotional and social support during the legal process. We ascertain they have access to the necessary medical care and resources for recovery.

Join us as we work towards preventing future gas explosions and getting accountability from parties found guilty of causing the accident. 


The increasing number of cases of gas explosions is a significant threat to individuals, communities, and governments. It is essential to know and understand the common causes of gas explosions and how to protect yourself and others from these explosions. Victims of gas explosion incidents should contact a law firm before the statute of limitation expires. When you identify the responsible entity, you can start the legal process to get justice and compensation for the emotional and financial impact experienced. 

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