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Motorcycle accidents cause various problems for injured bikers hoping to receive compensation. Bringing an insurance claim is not as simple as it could be. At Husain Law + Associates — Houston Accident & Injury Lawyers, P.C. our motorcycle accident lawyers in Houston can assist anyone injured in a motorcycle crash to build a compensation claim.

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Do You Need A Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Many people wrongly assume that these two kinds of accidents are very similar. If they were involved in a previous car accident, they might even think they can negotiate their settlement for a motorcycle crash.

But car accidents and motorcycle accidents are very different:

  • Injuries are more serious in motorcycle accidents because no barrier protects the motorcyclist, who can suffer a direct blow or be thrown from their bike. Many of our clients suffer from traumatic brain injuries, chest injuries, and spinal cord damage.
  • Defendants aggressively defend against these claims. Because so much more money is at stake, insurers do not quickly settle. Instead, they might fight to try to avoid paying compensation.
  • Juries tend to assume that motorcyclists are dangerous drivers and automatically blame them for the accident. This creates an uphill climb to receiving a fair settlement.

With the right motorcycle accident attorney, however, you can push back. At Husain Law + Associates — Houston Accident & Injury Lawyers, P.C. we understand how to bring motorcycle accident claims the right way and will gladly review your case to determine if it is legitimate.

Types of Motorcycle Accidents and How Houston Motorcycle Accident Attorney can help?

We are prepared to help clients involved in any type of crash:

  • Head-on collisions. A motorist could swerve into your lane and strike you because they were distracted or drunk.
  • Rear-end collisions. Many drivers claim to never see a motorcyclist idling at a stop sign and can crash into them.
  • Sideswipes. A driver might try to pass a motorcyclist and get too close, leading to sideswipe accidents.
  • Intersection accidents. Some motorists looking to make a left-hand turn pull directly in front of a motorcyclist, again claiming they couldn’t “see” them. About 42% of fatal motorcycle accidents take place at intersections.
  • Defective motorcycle claims. A defective part on the bike could lead to the motorcyclist losing control and crashing.
  • Defective road claims. A defect on the road—such as a large pothole—can upend a bike. The government or another entity could be at fault for failing to fix the road defect.
  • Single-vehicle accidents. Not all bikers are injured when they are struck. They could also be run off the road by someone cutting them off.

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How Can A Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help?

The goal of our Houston motorcycle accident attorneys is to ensure our clients are made whole following a wreck. We can seek compensation to cover a variety of financial losses, including medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost income, and damage to your bike. Depending on the collision, these sums could be five or six figures. We can also seek compensation for non-financial losses like pain and suffering.

Most bodily injuries dramatically upend a person’s life. Our clients often struggle to maintain their emotional balance due to the pain and bodily limitations they experience. We can seek compensation for this pain and suffering.

Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident in Houston

Riding a motorbike can be an excellent way of moving around Houston. However, motorcycle accidents often occur, leaving bikers confused and disoriented. Such incidents can also cause severe harm and injuries that require urgent medical care.

So what should motorcycle crash victims in Houston do when faced with such a terrifying and traumatic experience?

Although a motorcycle collision can elicit panic and fear, victims should take the necessary steps to protect themselves and increase the likelihood of receiving the appropriate compensation. Your Houston motorcycle crash attorney can guide you on what legal action you can pursue during this unfortunate period.

Step 1: Check for Injuries

Motorcyclists are often involved in accidents because they lack enclosed protection. After a bike accident, it’s challenging for them to keep a clear head amidst the chaos. However, there’s a need for them to remain calm and assess the extent of their injuries. In many cases, such a mishap can result in serious bodily harm, including:

  • Broken bones
  • Bruises
  • Cuts
  • Bleeding

Some injuries may not look severe immediately but can worsen if left untreated.  For example, a seemingly mild broken rib can be fatal and cause internal bleeding, leading to infection.

Step 2: Move to Safety

A motorbike crash can throw a rider in a state of panic. However, it’s necessary to remain calm and move to a safe area. Remaining at the wreck scene can expose you to more danger from moving traffic.

Step 3: Exchange Information

If your injuries are not severe, you can stay around and exchange information with all the people involved in the crash. Some of the information may gather include:

  • Full names
  • Contact information
  • Car model and make
  • Insurance policy
  • Licence plate numbers

Step 4: Gather evidence

Gathering evidence is an important step after an motorbike accident. What you should focus on is taking pictures and videos of the wreck. This may include car positions, skid marks, and any other visible injuries. This information is necessary for legal and insurance purposes.

Step 5: Report the Accident

After a bike collision, you should avoid leaving the accident scene to avoid legal complications. Instead, you must inform 911 in Houston to investigate the incident and issue a crash report. This process is essential to assess the extent of the damages and establish who was at fault to help in filing for insurance and other legal proceedings.

Step 6: Seek Medical Attention

When you’re involved in a motorcycle wreck, it’s necessary to seek medical treatment immediately.  Here’s why:

  • Some injuries worsen or take days or weeks to develop
  • Medical documentation significantly helps in filing for damages
  • A medical practitioner can recommend the best treatment option for your situation

Remember, seeking emergency care helps to strengthen your case and can protect you from contrary claims by the driver’s insurance company.

Step 7: Contact a Lawyer

After a bike crash, it’s crucial to seek legal representation immediately before crucial evidence starts to disappear. Having a competent motorbike accident attorney car help to protect your rights and handle the rest of the compensation process.

Accidents can be unpredictable and complicated. The tricky part is proving that the other party was at fault. Without sufficient proof, it’s unlikely that you’ll get the desired outcome.  To increase your chances of receiving compensation for your injuries, consult a motorcycle injury attorney in Houston to guide you through the litigation process.

Understanding Motorcycle Accident Laws in Houston

Houston is popular for its bike culture. The state boasts of wide roads and magnificent terrains that offer valuable experiences for many motorcycle riders. However, congestion on highways can tremendously increase the possibility of motorcycle accidents happening, since drivers can’t spot the bikers clearly.

Fortunately, like any other road user, motorcycle riders have a responsibility to follow Houston accident laws. Failure to familiarize themselves with road safety guidelines can lead to severe legal consequences.

Motorbike License

If you want to ride on public roads in Houston, you must have the necessary license. In addition to a regular driver’s license, a biker must obtain a special class M license. Then, the Department of Safety (DPS) requires the motorcycle rider to take a motorcycle safety course.

The course aims to equip the bikers with basic riding and handling skills required to navigate dangerous situations.

Also, riders should be aware of the mandatory liability insurance requirement. It protects other parties involved in the accident you caused against any injuries or damages sustained.

Riders Helmet

A helmet is an essential piece of equipment for a motorbike rider on the road. When riding a bike, your body is exposed to bad weather and hazardous conditions. Without wearing a helmet, these elements can interfere with your riding abilities and cause accidents, leading to severe bodily injuries.

Houston law provides no exceptions for bikers under 21 years old. But those who are above that age aren’t required to wear helmets if they prove the following:

  • Completion and approval of motorcycle safety course
  • Motorcycle insurance coverage to protect against bike injuries

Notably, it’s rare for law enforcers to stop a rider to confirm their status. Instead, an unhelmeted motorcyclist can only be pulled over for offenses like speeding and then asked to prove their eligibility for exemptions.

Lane Splitting

Motorcycle frame and size allow riders to maneuver between stripped lanes easily to avoid traffic. Houston law considers this practice a violation of the law and can lead to an expensive ticket or fine. Also, lane splitting can cause the rider to bear responsibility in case of injuries sustained during an accident, compromising their chances of full compensation.

Most motorcycle accidents occur as a result of negligence. Awareness of Houston bike laws can place you at the forefront of receiving the restitution you deserve. If you’re involved in such an incident, consult a competent motorbike injury lawyer in Houston to access justice.

Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents and Legal Options in Houston

In Houston, a motorcycle rider is more exposed to risk than a motor vehicle driver. Essentially, motorbikes are unstable, and their compartments lack proper protection. That means even competent riders can’t avoid accidents when an accident occurs.

The aftermath of a motorcycle crash can cause long-term disabilities to the victims, leading to costly medical care. The injuries suffered can be catastrophic and fatal and include the following:


Motorbikes aren’t enclosed, which leaves riders directly exposed to danger when a bike crash happens. This usually occurs when your motorcycle tips over and sends you crashing on the road, injuring your legs and arms. Worse still, the bike can fall on you, breaking your bones and muscles.  


Although helmets reduce injuries significantly, you can still injure your head in a bike collision. Potential head injuries sustained from a motorcycle crash may include:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Skull fractures
  • Bruises
  • Facial fractures

Brain injuries can be fatal and life-changing. If your brain is damaged, you can suffer from confusion, paralysis, and memory loss. This may lead to prolonged hospitalizations or even permanent disability.


Motorcycle accidents can directly injure the chest area. A hard blow to the thorax as a result of the crash can fracture your ribs and lead to high-risk complications, including a collapsed lung. Any internal bleeding can result in severe consequences if the signs aren’t visible. This may require urgent medical treatment.

Legal Options When Motorcycle Accidents Occur

Knowing what legal avenues you have when a motorcycle wreck happens in Houston can help protect your rights. When such an incident occurs, it’s essential to consult a motorcycle injury attorney to help you with the legal proceedings.

Here’s how a bike accident lawyer will help you:

  • Assess your claim
  • Handle negotiations
  • Collect evidence
  • File a lawsuit

Many lawyers offer services related to motorcycle claims. Therefore, you should carefully select competent and experienced individuals to handle such claims.

Injuries sustained from motorbike accidents are normally traumatic. Most require victims to experience extensive medical care and rehabilitation. By understanding the common motorbike accidents and legal options to follow when an accident happens, you’ll be on the right path to seeking justice and compensation for your injuries.

Factors Influencing Compensation in Houston Motorcycle Accident Cases

Without enclosed protection, motorcycle accidents can be severe, resulting in physical and emotional harm to those involved. Such incidents can cause trauma and confusion to victims. Motorcycle legal claims are handled differently from other automobile accidents in Houston, and knowing your rights is crucial.

Since motorbike accidents involve complex legal proceedings, obtaining the right legal representation can prove difficult. Many factors determine the outcome of compensation awarded to the victims and may include:

Motorcycle Bias

Some people have a negative perspective about bikers. Cyclists are often depicted as reckless daredevils who don’t care about the safety of other road users. Plus, courts can have biases against riders which can affect their decision-making process. In addition, insurance providers can use this tactic to deny victims their rightful compensation.

Determining Liability

Proving liability in motorcycle accidents isn’t always straightforward. To establish liability, you need to prove that the other party violated Houston traffic laws and caused the crash. In this case, the courts will weigh the situation and assign fault based on everyone’s degree of liability.

In Houston, the 51 per cent rule applies, which states that if you were more than half liable for the crash, you can’t file a lawsuit against the other party for the harm you suffered during the incident.

Damages Sustained

The amount of economic loss suffered after a bike accident significantly affects the compensation outcome. These damages include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Stress and anxiety

The outcome of your claim greatly depends on your attorney’s ability to argue your case. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney will review your claim and establish the amount you’re entitled to.

Every motorcycle accident victim deserves fair compensation for their damages. However, many riders find it challenging to prove their claims to insurance providers, especially when liability is disputed. Many factors can affect the outcome of the cases, and your best option is to seek legal counsel and get help in pursuing your rightful compensation.

Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Houston Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The risk of incurring life-changing injuries in a motorcycle accident is much higher than in a vehicle. Unfortunately, such incidents are common on many Houston roads. That’s why hiring an experienced motorbike accident lawyer can help you file a lawsuit and receive the settlement or compensation you deserve.

Here are reasons why you should hire a bike accident attorney after sustaining injuries as a result of a motorcycle crash.

Legal expertise

Motorcycle accident cases are often complicated. That’s why you need the services of an experienced Houston bike accident attorney specializing in injury law and motorcycle accidents. These experts have an in-depth understanding of the legal environment involved in such cases and will ensure better representation of your claim.

Rights Protection

Motorbike accident cases often involve insurance companies. Negotiating victim payouts with insurance providers requires extensive knowledge and expertise regarding injury laws. Insurers are known to minimize compensation amounts, and experienced attorneys know this tactic. Hiring such experts can guarantee a fair share of restitution for your damages.

Legal Knowledge

For someone unfamiliar with litigation, handling accident claims can be a nightmare. Since motorcycle accident lawyers possess a high level of expertise in personal injury cases, they will ensure your rights aren’t violated. This expertise is extremely necessary, particularly when filing complicated cases and proving liability.

Collecting Evidence

When you hire a motorbike accident lawyer, one of their responsibilities is gathering enough evidence to strengthen your claim. The process involves collecting police and medical reports required to support your case and get compensation. A proficient lawyer will review the reports and chart an effective strategy that aligns with the specifics of the case at hand.

If you’re dealing with the aftermath of a bike accident, it’s essential to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer to pursue justice for your case. They will ensure your claim is handled correctly and guarantee maximum settlement and compensation for your damages.

Evaluating the Cost of Hiring a Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Riding a motorcycle can be an enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, motorbikes provide minimal protection, exposing the biker to grave danger, especially when accidents happen.

As a rider, dealing with the incident can be overwhelming and may require the services of a competent motorcycle accident attorney. If you want to file a lawsuit, you may quickly realize the high costs of settling a motorcycle accident claim.

However, a lawyer’s expertise can significantly boost your chance of obtaining a favorable outcome for your claim. Here are the costs associated with hiring a Houston motorbike accident lawyer:

Contingency Fees

Most motorbike accidents in Houston are unique and require lawyers to work on a contingency fee basis. That means you don’t pay them upfront. Instead, they receive a portion of the compensation based on the type of case and expected recovery.

Hourly Rate

More experienced attorneys charge hourly rates. Their extensive knowledge of motorcycle accident laws allows them to charge higher rates than their inexperienced counterparts. Plus, lawyers with reputable track records can charge premium rates compared to those without a history of successful claims.

Additional Expenses

The hourly rate charged by your accident attorney directly relates to the case. However, separate charges may arise, including research and administrative charges, which might be billed separately. As a rider, you must be aware of such costs upfront to avoid conflicts with your lawyer when receiving the final bill.

Who Covers the Cost of Damages?

In Houston, the at-fault liability law takes effect when a motorcycle or automobile accident happens. That means the guilty party must be responsible for all the damages incurred during the incident. However, if the person filing the claim is partially at fault, their compensation is reduced based on the share of responsibility.

The cost of hiring a motorcycle accident attorney can seem exorbitant. These amounts vary based on the severity of the case and the lawyer’s experience in Houston. Investing in a component motorcycle accident lawyer can significantly increase your chances of obtaining a desirable outcome for your case.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies: Tips from a Houston Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you’ve been involved in a motorbike wreck, you know how stressful it can be to deal with insurance companies in Houston. In many cases, big insurance providers aren’t ready to pay or want to reduce the settlement amount for the victims.

So, how do you negotiate with insurance adjusters to ensure a favorable outcome for the victims?

1. Start the Process Immediately

You need to gather sufficient supportive evidence for a successful motorbike accident claim. Unfortunately, crucial evidence often starts to disappear immediately after a motorcycle crash. To avoid such a situation, initiate your claim as fast as possible to minimize the chances of losing important information required for the case.

2. Don’t Accept Responsibility for the Accident

One cardinal rule of negotiating with an insurance provider is never to admit responsibility. Mostly, adjusters will want to push the blame on you to reduce payouts. However, whatever the situation, avoid willingly accepting the fault. Instead, leave the role of admiting fault to your motorcycle accident lawyer.

3. Never Speculate

After a bike wreck, you may need to engage your insurance provider constantly. During your engagements, try to stick to the facts of the accident. Avoid giving unnecessary opinions about the incident. When you give out baseless information, adjusters can use it to weaken your motorcycle accident case.

4. Be Aware of the Value of Your Claim

To have an upper hand when negotiating with insurance providers, you must have a rough idea of the value of your case. Without this information, your chances of receiving a fair settlement become limited. Surprisingly, insurance adjusters are aware of this and will use your ignorance to intimidate you into accepting a low settlement offer.

Equipping yourself with negotiation tactics is essential in dealing with insurance companies. Don’t accept lowball offers. Instead, consult an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to help you negotiate better settlements and receive the maximum compensation you deserve.

Exploring Legal Options for Hit-and-Run Motorcycle Accidents in Houston

Hit-and-run accidents can be devastating whenever they occur. Houston accident law treats such incidents as criminal offenses. Usually, drivers involved in the crash flee the accident scene for fear of facing the consequences of their reckless actions. In some cases, they may escape with minor harm to their cars, but the effect on a rider can be life-changing.

If you’re a victim of a hit-and-run incident, you can consider the following steps to ensure justice prevails:

  • Call law enforcement to start an investigation
  • Take photos of the accident scene and the injuries sustained
  • Collect eyewitness information and record everything that happened
  • Keep all the documents and receipts related to the accident safely
  • Seek medical care

Compensation for Hit-and-Run Victims

If the police arrest the hit-and-run driver, you may need to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer in Houston to initiate a lawsuit. If the victim can prove their case against the reckless driver, they can recover damages in the following ways:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost quality of life

An experienced attorney can also push for punitive damages reserved for individuals whose character is deemed as egregious.

Insurance for Hit-and-Run Motorbike Accident Victims

Handling insurance for hit-and-run victims is a complex matter, especially when the offender escapes. In such cases, you can’t initiate a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance. Instead, you must turn to your insurance company for a solution.

Sometimes, hit-and-run offenders disappear, and the burden of medical bills and damages is left to the victim. However, having collision coverage with their insurance provider can remedy the unfortunate situation. This coverage can help victims recover damages caused by the accident based on the policy limit.

A hit-and-run motorbike accident requires an experienced attorney competent in such cases. Some drivers involved in these accidents simply drive away to avoid the incident’s aftermath. Finding the offender may be difficult, but your attorney will look for the best legal option, even when the at-fault driver is unknown.

Role of Expert Witnesses in Houston Motorcycle Accident Cases

Eyewitness opinions may not be reliable evidence in a motorcycle accident case in Houston. However, it can still be relevant in swaying the court’s decision. In fact, information obtained from an eyewitness expert can reveal critical details about the cause of the motorbike accident and how the other party was at fault.

Based on the bike accident case details, a lawyer can avail several experts before the court to give their opinions about the incident. They include:

  • Doctors
  • Economists
  • Reconstructionists
  • Car experts

In motorcycle accident cases, expert eyewitnesses offer objective opinions that can significantly impact the outcome of a case. Here’s how:

Proving Liability

In many motorcycle accidents in Houston, establishing liability can be challenging. However, expert eyewitnesses play a critical role in unraveling the faulty party in such incidents. When a bike crash occurs, an accident reconstruction expert can assess the crime scene and offer an informed opinion on how the accident happened. This information can provide valuable insights such as speed and road conditions, which are critical in determining the liability.

Reviewing Damages

Establishing damages is a key aspect of motorbike injury cases. Eyewitness opinions from economists can help unlock the financial consequences of the injury sustained by the victim. When assessing such cases, experts consider factors such as lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical expenses incurred after the incident. Their expertise is necessary, especially when computing fair compensation for victims of bike wrecks.

Establishing Causation

Causation helps to connect the at-fault party’s actions to the victim’s injuries. Medical professionals offer crucial eyewitness insights about the cause-and-effect link between the motorcycle accident and the injuries sustained. Such testimonies are crucial in establishing the other party’s liability and strengthens the victim’s case.

Eyewitness opinions help the courts to get valuable information about motorbike accident cases. These testimonies are critical to the outcome of the case. Motorcycle accident lawyers should be careful when selecting eyewitnesses to help victims receive a favorable decision for their damages.

Handling Wrongful Death Claims with a Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Losing a loved one, especially through a motorcycle accident, can be a painful experience. It gets even worse when you imagine that the cause of death was due to the negligence of another party.

Houston law permits the deceased estate to file lawsuits for wrongful death claims when another party is at fault.

To initiate legal proceedings for wrongful death, a lawyer must prove liability. That means the other party must have been negligent in the following ways:

  • Drove while drunk
  • Driving was distracted
  • Slept while driving
  • Speeding
  • Didn’t give way to the oncoming driver

Remember, filing for wrongful death claims should be done within the stipulated statute of limitations. If the time limit to file legal proceedings expires, you cannot sue the responsive party or their insurance provider. This significantly diminishes your power to negotiate a fair settlement for your claim.

When seeking compensation for wrongful death, an attorney has two options:

1. Survival Actions

If the deceased person incurred expenses before death, their family can recover the costs. Here’s what you can pursue under this claim:

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of income
  • Motorcycle repair
  • Pain and suffering

2. Wrongful Death Actions

This claim seeks to compensate family members of the deceased against losses incurred as a result of the death. A lawyer specializing in wrongful death can seek restitution on behalf of the surviving family members in the following ways:

  • Loss of financial support
  • Value of household services
  • Loss of comfort to family member
  • Mental pain and suffering

Hiring a wrongful death lawyer is by choice. You can pursue legal claims for your deceased loved one involved in a motorcycle accident by yourself. However, seeking an experienced attorney’s guidance can offer you the required legal representation. They will gather relevant evidence and negotiate the highest amount of compensation for your case.

Where Can I Find the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

All automobile accidents can cause devastating injuries. However, motorcycle accidents can be more severe since bikers aren’t fully protected like their car counterparts. Even the most experienced riders wearing the best protective gear can face life-changing moments with any wrong bike turn.

When bike accidents happen, you need the services of a motorcycle accident lawyer.  However, these experts are in high demand, and determining the right one for your case can be challenging. Here’s what to consider:


Select a motorbike accident attorney specifically trained to handle bike accident crashes. The lawyer should have an excellent track record of filing similar cases with a high success rate. This will increase your chances of obtaining the best possible representation.


Negotiating with insurers isn’t easy. Insurance providers hire professionals whose sole purpose is to minimize victim payouts. An experienced motorbike accident attorney must remain focused and persistent in gathering the right evidence to help strengthen your case.


Contacting friends and family is an excellent way of determining a reputable bike accident attorney. Establish if they have had any positive experiences with similar cases. You can also read online reviews and recommendations from other attorneys to get an idea of the character of potential lawyers.


Before selecting a motorcycle accident lawyer, discuss their payment structures. Most attorneys prefer handling such cases on a contingency fee basis. This is a good approach because they are only paid when the victim is compensated.

Motorcycle accident lawyers are everywhere, and finding the best attorneys can improve your situation. Without proper legal representation by your side, insurance companies can undermine you and offer minimal compensation settlements. Choose a lawyer who has a reputable track record of handling motorbike crashes with successful outcomes to increase your chances of receiving a favorable result.

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