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Prescription Drug Injuries

Injuries caused by prescription drugs are an ongoing public health crisis in America but if you have a case, a Houston prescription drug injury lawyer can help you understand it. Every year, millions of people are injured, while thousands die. Prescription drug injuries may result from various factors, including defective design or manufacturing problems, as well as not warning consumers of potential issues (often known as failing to warn).

Prescription drug injuries can have devastating repercussions in our lives, leading to serious health complications, financial strain and emotional trauma – sometimes fatal.

If a prescription drug has caused your injuries, you could be eligible for compensation from its manufacturer or distributor. By filing a suit against them, you can recover damages for medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering, as well as any other losses sustained as a result.

If you have been injured by a prescription drug, seeking legal representation from a product liability attorney is of importance. So speak with a Houston product liability injury attorney today to learn more about how you can seek compensation for your injuries. 


Background of Prescription Drugs 

Prescription drugs can only be obtained with authorization from a healthcare professional. They are used to treat conditions like pain, infection, and mental health problems. 

While prescription drugs may prove highly effective treatments for these illnesses, they also carry the potential for serious side effects, which need to be carefully factored in when considering them as part of any healthcare solution.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is responsible for overseeing the safety and efficacy of prescription medications sold within the US market. They require manufacturers to conduct extensive clinical trials before an approved medication may go on sale to consumers.

Clinical trials for drugs are designed to test their safety and effectiveness at treating conditions for which they were intended. Also, post-market surveillance studies are carried out by FDA to monitor how effective prescription medicines perform once released onto the market.

Prescription drugs offer many benefits to those suffering from medical conditions. They may help relieve pain, improve symptoms, and even cure diseases. 

However, prescription drugs also carry with them the possibility of serious side effects that range from minor and self-limiting to life-threatening ones. 

Therefore, it’s important that any new medicine be researched beforehand in terms of potential adverse side reactions before being consumed by patients.

When taking prescription drugs, it is essential that you inform both yourself and your healthcare provider as to their risks and benefits as soon as any side effects appear. 

Be sure to contact a product liability attorney like Husain Law + Associates — Houston Accident & Injury Lawyers, P.C. who may help claim compensation from manufacturers for you. We can assist in investigating your case, gathering evidence, and filing a lawsuit on your behalf. 

Prescription Drug Side Effects


Dizziness is an uncomfortable feeling of light-headedness or unsteadiness that often arises as a side effect from taking certain drugs used for high blood pressure treatment, heart issues, or seizures. It may occur as an adverse side effect.


Drowsiness refers to feelings of sleepiness or fatigue and is a side effect of many prescription medicines prescribed to treat pain, anxiety, and depression.


Headaches are common side effects of many prescription medicines that treat pain, fever, and inflammation.

Skin Rash

A skin rash refers to any red, bumpy, or itchy area on the surface of the skin that occurs following taking various drugs used for allergy and infection treatment. A common source is medications prescribed to combat allergies.

Stomach Upset

Stomach upset refers to any sensation of discomfort or pain experienced in the stomach and is a side effect of many prescription medicines used for pain management, nausea relief, or vomiting treatment. 

Sometimes these side effects can become more severe and may include:

Organ Damage

Prescription drugs may damage organs such as livers or kidneys and cause irreparable harm, including liver failure or even death. This could pose significant health issues and require lifelong medication use to manage.


Certain prescription drugs can become habit-forming and lead to dependency; users can develop difficulties discontinuing them and could eventually experience overdose and die as a result of addiction. This has serious health ramifications.


Some Prescription drugs can be fatal if taken at high doses or combined with other substances. So, it’s crucial you should understand the potential risks.

Understanding and being aware of potential side effects associated with prescription drugs are crucial components of your safety and well-being. Should any mild or severe adverse reactions appear from taking an FDA-approved medicine, seek medical assistance immediately.

Types of Lawsuits in Prescription Drug Injury Cases that a Houston Prescription Drug Injury Lawyer will help you understand

There are various kinds of lawsuits that may be filed in prescription drug injury cases. Common lawsuit types in such instances include:

Product Liability Claims

Product liability lawsuits are brought against manufacturers of defective drugs. In order to win them, the plaintiff must show that it was indeed defective, the defect caused injury, and that there was negligence involved with designing or producing it.

Failure to Warn Claims

You can file failure to warn claims against manufacturers of prescription drugs for failing to adequately warn of their risks. 

For these claims to succeed, plaintiffs must show that manufacturers knew the risks, failed to warn properly, and caused injuries as a result of that negligence.

Off-Label Use Claims

Off-label use claims are filed against manufacturers of drugs used outside their approved purpose, such as being taken off-label to treat an illness that was never intended. 

In order to prove an off-label claim is valid, plaintiffs must show that manufacturers knew or should have known of this illegal usage and the drug caused their injuries as a result of being used outside its approved scope of use.

Legal principles and elements involved with each lawsuit vary based on its specific facts; in general, plaintiffs must demonstrate that defendant was negligent, that this negligence caused injury and caused damages as a result of this injury to themselves or another.

Medical experts play a pivotal role in establishing causation and liability in prescription drug injury claims. Their testimony can shed light on risks related to prescribing and using the drug as well as possible causal links between it and an injury occurring as a result of using it.

If you have been injured due to a prescription drug, contact a Houston prescription drug injury lawyer immediately in order to explore legal options and discuss potential lawsuits against their manufacturer(s). 

Filing a Prescription Drug Lawsuit

Steps involved in filing a prescription drug lawsuit include the following:

Consult with an Attorney

It is crucial that before initiating any kind of claim against prescription drug injury cases, you first consult experienced legal practitioners like those at Husain Law + Associates — Houston Accident & Injury Lawyers, P.C.

We specialize in such litigations and will assist you in understanding all your rights and options, as well as possibly representing you before courts if needed.

Gather Medical Records and Evidence

In order to properly investigate an injury or claim, it’s crucial that all relevant medical documents related to it be collected – this may include prescription histories, doctor’s notes, or any other records which document your injuries. 

You may also require other forms of evidence, such as product packaging warnings or studies regarding its usage, as proof of its liability.

Initiate Legal Proceedings

Once your lawsuit has been initiated by gathering the appropriate records and evidence, begin legal proceedings by filing a suit in the court situated where your injury occurred. 

Houston Prescription Drug Injury Lawyer: Determining If You Have a Prescription Drug Lawsuit

There are a few things you can do to determine if you have a case:

Identify The Effects

Effects refer to any unwanted or detrimental side-effects from taking any medicine; these reactions could range from mild, moderate, or severe and include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, headache, dizziness, and drowsiness with more serious adverse events including liver damage, kidney damage, heart problems even death as possible outcomes.

Establish Causation

Once again, the next step should be proving causation – which means showing that one event led to another event and that your medication caused your injuries. 

When applied specifically to prescription drug cases, causation means showing that taking your drug as directed resulted in injuries; to establish causation, you must show: 

  • Probability that the drug caused your injury.
  • You took the drug as prescribed.
  • You suffered an injury.

Assess Damages

These are losses sustained as a result of being injured, such as medical costs, lost wages, pain, and suffering, as well as emotional distress. 

Review Product Information and Warnings Carefully

Review the labelling, packaging, warnings or instructions associated with any drug that you intend to purchase and look for any signs that the drug manufacturer failed to provide sufficient warning about potential side effects or contraindications associated with its use. 

Understanding Statute of Limitations

Be mindful of the statute of limitations or timeframe in which you must file your lawsuit. Prescription drug lawsuits require meeting specific deadlines; failing to do so could bar your claims altogether. Seek advice from a Houston prescription drug injury lawyer immediately in order to comply with relevant statutes of limitation and make your claim valid.


Prescription drugs, while valuable in treating various health conditions, also pose potential risks and side effects that range from mild to serious. Consequently, it’s crucial that users recognize these potential threats so they can take measures to safeguard their own wellbeing while seeking appropriate medical assistance if required.

Keep in mind that legal remedies are available if you experience a product liability injury. You can file product liability, failure-to-warn, and off-label use claims against pharmaceutical companies for their actions or negligence.These legal avenues provide you with an avenue for you to seek compensation for damages you’ve sustained, such as medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Therefore, contact Husain Law + Associates — Houston Accident & Injury Lawyers, P.C. in order to understand your legal options, as well as to represent you if necessary in court proceedings.

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