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Turbulence can strike unexpectedly and lead to serious injuries for passengers and crew alike, including the Qatar Airways Flight QR107 from Doha to Dublin that experienced turbulent flying over Turkey resulting in twelve injuries sustained by passengers and crew alike. 

At Husain Law + Associates Accident Attorneys P.C., we pride ourselves on offering unwavering legal support as well as expert legal representation for anyone affected by such events.

Qatar Airways Flight Turbulence Injury Attorneys

On 26th May 2024, a Qatar Airways flight QR107 from Doha to Dublin experienced severe turbulence which injured twelve individuals – six passengers and six crew. As soon as they landed shortly before 1 pm local time they were met by emergency services such as airport police and fire and rescue departments for medical attention.

Dublin Airport released a statement detailing individuals injured during the turbulence were taken to hospitals for evaluation and treatment, showing the seriousness of this incident. Regardless, operations remained uninterrupted at Dublin Airport as scheduled with only slight delays occurring between flights (QR018) heading toward Doha from Ireland (R018) going back. This ensured minimal disruptions for passengers’ travel plans.

Qatar Airways announced they have initiated an internal investigation in response to recent turbulence on one of their flights and to ensure passenger and crew safety on future ones. 

Qatar affirmed their highest priority is always passenger security. Incidents like these emphasize the necessity of following rigorous safety protocols while continuously improving airline safety measures.

Understanding Turbulence and Its Effects

Turbulence is an everyday reality of aviation, affecting 65,000 aircraft annually across the US alone with severe turbulence affecting 5,500 flights. Turbulence occurs due to factors including atmospheric pressure, jet streams and weather fronts – from mild bumps to violent jolts which may result in injuries as well as damages to aircraft itself.

Recent incidents involving Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines serve to demonstrate the unpredictable nature of turbulence and it’s devastating potential to cause injury to both passengers and airlines alike. Turbulence can result in injuries ranging from minor bruises to major trauma – and can even prove fatal in rare instances. It is critical for airlines to make sure their aircraft can withstand such conditions safely, while providing proper information and preparation materials for their passengers before any such events arise.

Are You Eligible for Compensation? 

If you or a family member were injured due to turbulence on Qatar Airways flight QR107, and suffered as a result of it, compensation could be available in various forms such as:

Emotional Distress:

Turbulence incidents often leave passengers and crew reeling emotionally from traumatizing experiences; many may suffer post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety and emotional disturbances as a result. Compensation should cover therapy services to provide needed mental health support after such trauma occurs.

Loss of Income:

Turbulent injuries may lead to temporary or permanent disabilities that prevent individuals from returning to work and thus incurring significant income losses as they recover. Compensation claims for this lost income could cover lost wages, future earning capacity loss and provide other essential support that allows an injured party and his/her family the support needed during recovery.

Medical Expenses:

Victims of turbulence-related injuries often incur substantial medical expenses due to hospitalization, surgeries, rehabilitation services and ongoing treatments for their injuries, making obtaining compensation important. 

Physical Injuries:

Passengers and crew members who sustained physical injuries during the incident, such as fractures, burns, head injuries, and other trauma, may be entitled to compensation for their medical expenses, pain, and suffering. Injuries from turbulence can result from being thrown against the aircraft interior, falling objects, or even the failure of seat belts and other safety equipment.

Property Damage:

Turbulence can damage personal belongings such as electronic devices, luggage and other valuables that passengers hold dear, potentially qualifying them for compensation to cover repairs or replacement costs.

Travel and Accommodation Costs:

Passengers who experienced travel disruption due to flight cancellations, delays, rebooking issues or additional expenses could qualify for compensation for their travel and accommodation costs. 

Who Can Be Held Accountable for These Cases?

After an aviation incident occurs, several parties could potentially be held liable for injuries and losses sustained, such as:


Companies such as Qatar Airways have an obligation to ensure the wellbeing and safety of both their passengers and crew, so if they failed to adequately prepare or notify passengers and crew about potential turbulence they could be held liable for injuries that resulted from unexpected turbulence.

Aircraft Manufacturers:

Design and construction play an essential part in an aircraft’s ability to withstand turbulence. If there were any design flaws that contributed to increased turbulence levels, their manufacturer could potentially be held liable.

Maintenance Contractors:

Regular aircraft maintenance is crucial to its airworthiness, but failure of maintenance contractors to conduct proper checks and repairs could leave an aircraft vulnerable and at greater risk from turbulent air traffic conditions. In such an evaluation process, proper records and compliance with safety protocols become crucial. 

Regulatory Authorities:

Aviation regulatory authorities such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) play an essential role in overseeing aircraft and airline safety standards. If any oversight failures occurred in aircraft certification and maintenance processes, regulatory bodies might share in liability for failing to prevent incidents. 

Husain Law + Associates Accident Attorneys, P.C. Can Assist 

At Husain Law + Associates Accident Attorneys, P.C. we pride ourselves on representing victims of aviation accidents with experience at every turn of a claim process and beyond. Our highly-skilled lawyers possess in-depth knowledge about aviation law and are dedicated to advocating on your behalf for fair compensation as outlined by applicable statutes. 

Each case we take on involves developing an all-inclusive investigation strategy designed to capture every angle possible of an incident or claim scenario before proceeding onward with litigation if necessary.

With an outstanding 98% success rate and proven expertise, our team of attorneys can tackle even the toughest of cases with confidence and expertise. Working on contingency fee basis means only paying when we secure compensation on your behalf; while our dedication to client care ensures personalized support throughout legal processes.

Our personal injury attorneys have successfully represented victims in multiple aviation accident cases involving turbulence-related injuries. Working alongside aviation experts, medical specialists, and other specialists to build an impressive case and seek maximum compensation, our goal is to alleviate financial strain caused by such events while supporting recovery and wellness for you as the individual.

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Qatar Airlines Turbulence Injury Attorneys

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