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Texas Non-Subscriber Work Injuries: What You Should Know

What Is a Non-Subscriber?

Many of Texas’ biggest employers such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Sears and Target do not carry workers’ compensation insurance and, thus do not cover their workers when they become injured on the job. Such firms are known as non-subscribers while any injuries sustained while working at these non-subscribers are known as non-subscriber cases.

Employers that don’t subscribe to workers’ compensation often create their own alternative occupational injury benefit plans that resemble certain aspects of traditional workers’ comp policies but often lack comprehensive protections mandated by state laws.  These plans can be complex and employees may struggle when trying to navigate the claims process on their own.

Furthermore, non-subscriber employers might require employees to sign arbitration agreements that limit their right to pursue litigation in court.

Financial considerations often drive companies’ decisions to opt out of state-regulated workers’ compensation systems and become non-subscribers, and opting out could potentially reduce insurance costs while increasing control over claims processes and processes. Unfortunately, this cost-cutting measure comes at the risk of leaving injured workers vulnerable and lacking protection when injuries do arise.

Contributory Negligence

Personal injury lawsuits often rely heavily on contributory negligence as an element. This legal doctrine permits defendants (the entity being sued) to assert that injuries sustained by plaintiff (those seeking relief from negligence) were partly their own responsibility and assign blame accordingly.

Should a jury agree; their verdict may include assigning each party their respective percentages of fault; with each being subject to reduced recovery amounts depending on their percentages of responsibility. Example: if a jury awards $100,000 but finds the plaintiff 10% at fault, their award would be reduced accordingly and they receive $90,000.

This principle ensures each party bears financial responsibilities proportionate to their level of fault. However, injured workers face another formidable obstacle – employers and insurance providers often aggressively assert that an employee contributed to his/her own injury by failing to follow safety protocols, not paying attention or engaging in unsafe practices – this often reduces compensation that injured workers receive significantly.

How Non-Subscriber Cases Differ

Texas is home to unique laws which distinguish non-subscriber work injury claims from typical personal injury suits in terms of applicable defense strategies, with one major distinction: employers cannot use contributory negligence as an argument when an employee is hurt on the job. This means the employer’s defense cannot claim that that the injured worker was partially responsible for their own injuries.

Legal provisions that provide extra support to injured workers have long been seen as favorable; even a one-percent contributory negligence standard means they can be held liable for 100% of damages, providing considerably higher compensation to injured employees than under contributory negligence standards alone. It shifts responsibility onto employers while encouraging safer working environments. Common grounds for employer liability may include inadequate training, insufficient safety gear and lax enforcement of safety policies.

For instance, if an employee were to sustain injuries because they did not receive the appropriate protective gear from their employer. Similarly, if this incident resulted from inadequate training or failure to adhere to safety protocols; then that employer would bear full liability. Legal protection provides employers with strong incentive to prioritize workplace safety; yet injured workers still face difficulties getting the compensation they deserve, emphasizing the significance of expert personal injury legal representation like that of Husain Law + Associates Accident Attorneys, P.C. in such matters.

Are You Eligible for Compensation in Texas Non-Subscriber Work Injury Claims?

If you or a loved one has been injured while working for a non-subscriber, compensation could be available to cover various injuries and losses. Understanding all available sources of redress will ensure fair compensation in return for suffering caused and financial losses sustained.

Physical Injuries: Employees suffering physical injuries such as fractures, burns, head trauma or any other trauma could be entitled to receive compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering associated with their injury – this includes both immediate costs as well as future needs as a result of it. Ensuring comprehensive documentation and expert testimony may prove essential in proving both extent and need.

Emotional Distress:

Additionally, to physical injuries, those suffering emotional and psychological harm such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or anxiety as a result of their injuries may also seek compensation for emotional damages such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Psychological evaluations or therapy records may help prove emotional distress claims successfully; laws recognize trauma’s significant influence on quality of life – professional legal advice can ensure they receive fair and just compensation.

Lost Wages:

Employees injured due to temporary or permanent disability who cannot return to work may be entitled to claim lost earnings and earning capacity compensation, which takes into account both past and future lost wages as the employee cannot fulfill his/her job duties due to injury. Economic experts typically assist when it comes to calculating losses caused by injuries with long-term impact;

Medical Expenses:

Workers injured at work who incur medical costs such as hospitalization, surgeries, rehabilitation services or ongoing treatments should pursue compensation against non-subscriber employers for these costs. Substantive evidence such as bills or records should help demonstrate these claims for from non-subscribers. Legal assistance will assist to make sure all relevant expenses are included when formulating demand for compensation.

Disfigurement and Physical Impairment:

Employees suffering disfigurement or physical impairment due to work injuries may be entitled to financial compensation for the impact on their quality of life caused by these changes in physical condition and quality. Expert testimony will often be required in these cases in order to ascertain the full scope of disfigurement/impairment on daily activities as well as mental wellbeing.

Who Is Responsible for My Injuries in Texas Non-Subscriber Work Injury Claims?

In the aftermath of a work injury involving a non-subscriber, multiple parties could potentially share responsibility. Establishing all potentially liable parties early can maximize compensation while upholding justice.


Employers who fail to provide proper training, equipment or policies could face liability – this includes failing to adhere to OSHA standards or regulations relevant to workplace safety. Documenting workplace conditions as well as any incidents could help build your case against an employer.

Supervisors and Managers:

Supervisors and managers who failed to ensure a safe working environment or address known hazards could share in liability for failing to address them promptly. This includes not adhering to safety protocols and responding swiftly when employees raised safety issues or voiced any safety concerns about workplace hazards. Depositions or internal communications could provide evidence of negligence at this level.

Contractors and Subcontractors:

Injuries caused by contractors or subcontractors working at the same site may be held to account if negligence caused injury. For instance, if subcontracted work was completed negligently without adequate safety precautions in place. Contracts or work logs can provide the evidence required to establish how these parties relate and the relationship they share between themselves and one another.

Manufacturers and Suppliers:

When defective equipment or safety gear contributes to injuries, its manufacturers and suppliers could be held liable. Product liability cases typically require technical analysis from specialists as proof that equipment was intrinsically dangerous or manufactured incorrectly – maintenance records and expert testimony play key roles here.

Husain Law + Associates Accident Attorneys of P.C. can Handle Texas Non-Subscriber Work Injury Claims

Husain Law + Associates Accident Attorneys, P.C. is an esteemed law firm known for representing those affected by non-subscriber work injuries in legal proceedings to seek justice on their behalf. With our unwavering dedication to client care and years of expertise in workplace injury law, Husain Law + Associates Accident Attorneys, P.C has successfully represented victims in multiple workplace injury claims.

We are proud of our highly knowledgeable personal injury lawyers’ decades of collective expertise when it comes to handling complex litigation proceedings and advocating for victims’ rights. With an unmatched 98% success rate winning cases on our client’s behalf and being recognized by National Trial Lawyers Association as a premier law firm, we got you! At our firm, the wellbeing of our clients is of primary concern.

We recognize the devastating effect workplace injuries have had on victims and their loved ones and pledge our unflagging advocacy in this difficult period.  Additionally, our approach is completely client-driven: we work on a contingency fee basis, meaning any financial strain caused by legal proceedings won’t fall on you directly, giving you more time and freedom to focus on healing yourself rather than on finances.

Navigating the legal aftermath of non-subscriber work injuries can be complex and daunting, yet our law firm offers expert guidance and representation throughout this claims process. Our team will conduct extensive investigation, identify any individuals responsible, and fight until justice is served against those at fault.

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