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You could be entitled to a roundup cancer litigation compensation if you have been diagnosed with cancer after using Roundup. In recent decades, thousands of people filed lawsuits against Roundup makers, alleging it caused their cancer. The legal fight surrounding Roundup, which has been complex and long-lasting, has left many confused about facts and options.

Roundup and Cancer

Roundup, a popular herbicide, is used by homeowners, farmers, and landscapers alike to control unwanted weeds. The International Agency for Research on Cancer classified its active component, glyphosate, as a ‘probable human mutagen.’ This means there are limited signs of glyphosate causing human cancer, but the possibility exists.

Evidence Linking Roundup to Cancer

Numerous studies have linked Roundup use to cancer, particularly non-Hodgkin lymphoma. IARC’s evaluation of glyphosate was actually based upon a review of 800 studies on the potential health effects it could have, including lung cancer.

The Agricultural Health Study is a long-term, multi-family study that was conducted to determine the relationship between Roundup use and cancer. The study showed that farmers who used Roundup were more likely to develop multiple myeloma or NHL.

Roundup Cancer Litigation: Understanding Monsanto’s Contribution

Monsanto (a multinational agrochemicals and biotechnology company) has played a key role in creating and distributing Roundup. Roundup herbicide is a glyphosate product that farmers and landscapers have extensively used for weed control and unwanted vegetation. Roundup’s safety has recently been questioned. Many claim that it is linked to cancer.

Monsanto Roundup History

Monsanto brought Roundup to market in 1974. It became one of the most popular and widely used herbicides around the globe. Monsanto advertised Roundup aggressively as a product with glyphosate – the active ingredient. Roundup became widely used in the United States during the 1990s. Soon, it was being used all over.

Allegations That Monsanto Has Committed Misconduct

Monsanto’s allegations have played a significant role in the Roundup suits. Over many years, the company faced numerous allegations that it had downplayed the health risks associated with Roundup. It also manipulated scientific studies to support Roundup’s safety.

A series of internal emails were found during the discovery process of a cancer victim’s lawsuit. The emails reveal that Monsanto executives, dating back to the early 2000s, were aware of Roundup’s potential health hazards but actively sought to suppress information about it and discredit studies that suggested otherwise.

In an exchange of emails, a Monsanto official suggested that the firm “ghostwrites”, or creates a study that minimizes the health effects of Roundup. The executive also suggested finding “sympathetic” researchers to sign off on the study. In a subsequent email, a different Monsanto executive expressed his concerns about this “ghostwriting” approach but decided to continue with it.

These emails and evidence from other sources have been used to support claims by thousands of Roundup-caused cancer victims. They claim that Monsanto has put their lives at risk to make money.

Legal Claims

Lawsuits have alleged the main ingredient in Roundup (glyphosate) is linked with various cancers, such as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. These lawsuits have caused widespread scrutiny for the product and Monsanto.

Roundup – Overview

The legal claims brought against Roundup are focused on the assertion that this herbicide causes cancer. In lawsuits, Monsanto is accused of failing to alert consumers about glyphosate’s potential dangers adequately. Plaintiffs allege that Monsanto also engaged in misleading marketing practices and improperly pressured regulatory agencies to minimize the risks associated with the product.

Roundup’s Impact on Farmworkers and Farmers

Farmers and farmworkers pose the greatest risk of exposure to Roundup. They use the chemical regularly to control unwanted weeds or increase crop yields. However, long-term exposure of glyphosate to humans can have harmful effects. Monsanto is facing lawsuits from many farmworkers who reported cancer after Roundup exposure.

The Role of Glyphosate in Roundup Lawsuits

Roundup’s main active ingredient is glyphosate. It is also the focus of most legal claims against the product. Studies show that glyphosate is linked to DNA damage and cancer. 

Types Of Roundup Cancer Litigation Lawsuits

Roundup manufacturers have faced various lawsuits, alleging their products caused serious environmental and health problems.

Wrongful Deaths Lawsuits

Wrongful Death Lawsuits are similar to personal injury lawsuits. However, they are filed primarily by the surviving families of those who died due to Roundup exposure. These lawsuits seek compensation to cover the family’s lost income, funeral expenses, and emotional distress.

Class Action Lawsuits

A group of individuals with similar claims can file a class action lawsuit against Roundup. In these lawsuits, plaintiffs claim that Roundup exposure caused them to develop cancer or other health conditions. Class action suits allow a group to sue for damages together.

Environmental Lawsuits

Environmental lawsuits against Roundup tend to be filed by environmental organizations or government entities. These lawsuits allege Roundup’s use has caused damage to the environment, including soil contaminants and animal harm. Environmental lawsuits may seek compensation for cleanup costs or other damages.

Roundup Cancer Litigation: Product Liability Lawsuits

Roundup lawsuits allege that the product is defective and has caused harm to the plaintiff. These lawsuits might allege Roundup’s design or manufacturing defects, or its failure to warn adequately about possible health risks.

Roundup lawsuits – Examples

Johnson v. Monsanto

Johnson v. Monsanto, one of the highest-profile Roundup suits, was filed in 2018. In 2018, Dewayne Johnston, a groundskeeper who claimed his non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was caused by Roundup, received $289 million from a San Francisco Jury. The jury found Monsanto knew of Roundup’s potential hazards but failed to warn consumers.

Pilliod v. Monsanto

In 2019, Alva Pilliod and Alberta Pilliod received $2 billion in damages from a jury after it was determined that the use of Roundup by them for decades had caused non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The jury found Monsanto to have acted with malice and oppression. It meant that the company was aware of the Roundup dangers but continued selling it.

Hardeman v. Monsanto

In the Hardeman case against Monsanto, a juror favored Edwin Hardeman. Hardeman had used Roundup over 25 years ago on his land and was later diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The jury awarded Monsanto damages of $80,000,000, finding the company had failed to warn customers about Roundup’s health risks.

Steinbuch v. Monsanto

Edwin Hardeman won $80,000,000 in damages in a 2019 federal jury case against Monsanto. The jury determined that Monsanto did not warn consumers about Roundup’s potential health risks. The jury also determined that Monsanto was acting with malice. It meant that the company knew the risks of Roundup yet continued to sell the product.

What to Expect in Roundup Lawsuits

Filing a Lawsuit

The first part of a Roundup lawsuit involves filing a claim. This involves finding an attorney specializing in Roundup lawsuits and working with them to file and prepare your claim. Your lawyer gathers evidence to support your claim, including medical documents and documentation about your Roundup usage.


The discovery phase begins once you have filed an insurance claim. This is the time when both parties exchange evidence and relevant information. Your lawyer can help you collect and review documents from Monsanto such as emails and memos that may support your claim.

Mediation, Settlement, and Arbitration

Mediation may sometimes be an option to resolve a lawsuit and avoid a trial. In mediation, both sides work with a third party to reach an agreed settlement. You can receive compensation without needing a trial if you reach a settlement.


The case is trialed if a settlement cannot be reached through mediation. Both sides will make their case to a court or jury. Your lawyer will assist you in preparing for trial. He will also represent you before the court.


If you lose a case in court, you can appeal the ruling. This involves asking an upper court to review and possibly reverse the decision.

Roundup Lawsuits – Why it’s Important to Get Legal Help

Personal injury lawsuits aren’t the same as roundup lawsuits. They are complex cases that require knowledge of both legal and scientific matters. The legal system can be complicated and overwhelming. Without an attorney with experience, you might be unable to navigate it effectively.

Assessing Your Case

Roundup’s experienced attorneys can evaluate your case, and determine the best action to take. They can evaluate the strength and potential outcomes of your case. This is because not every Roundup case is the same. The strength or weakness of your Roundup claim may depend upon a number of factors including your exposure to Roundup and your past medical history.

Navigating The Legal Process

Navigating legal processes can be difficult for those who don’t know the system. Roundup can help explain the legal system to you, including how to file lawsuits and what the outcomes could be. They can also represent your interests in court and negotiate with you.

Maximizing Your Compensation

If Roundup has harmed you, you could be entitled to compensation. Without an attorney with experience, you might not receive the total compensation. Roundup attorneys can maximize your compensation, by gathering the evidence, negotiating directly with the defendant, or representing you in court.

The Bottomline

Roundup suits are complex and require expertise from both legal and scientific fields. 

How to Find An Attorney For Roundup Lawsuits

Before you search for an experienced attorney, it is essential to know your rights. Roundup suits are typically divided into personal injury and death by wrongful means. Personal injury claims come from individuals who have been exposed to Roundup and developed cancer. Wrongful-death claims are made by the surviving families of those who passed away due to cancer caused by Roundup.

Find Attorneys Who Have Experience in Roundup Lawsuits

You should do some research before hiring an attorney. Look for lawyers or law firms who specialize in Roundup cases. These attorneys will have all the knowledge necessary to navigate and fight for you in the complex legal systems.

Check Their Track Record

Once you find attorneys with Roundup experience, check out their track record. You should look for attorneys with a proven track record of success and who have won substantial settlements in Roundup litigation.

Read Reviews and Testimonials

The reviews of former clients and their testimonials can give you valuable insight into a lawyer’s communication style and professionalism. You can find testimonials of former clients on online review sites or the attorney’s website.

Schedule a Consultation

Once you have a list of potential roundup cancer litigation lawyers, schedule consultations with each one. Most roundup cancer litigation lawyers offer a free initial consultation. This allows you to ask questions, and you can get a better idea of whether the attorney is suited to your needs.

Ask Questions

Do not hesitate to ask questions during the consultation. Ask about their Roundup experience, track record, communication style, and their communication methods. Ask about their rates and whether they charge on a contingent basis, meaning they get paid only if your case is won.

Trust Your Gut

Trust your gut. You want to work with an attorney you feel comfortable working with. You will work closely with your attorney during the entire legal process. Therefore, it is vital to choose someone you can trust.

Husain Law + Associates — Houston Accident & Injury Lawyers, P.C. Your Strongest Roundup Cancer Litigation Lawyers

If you’ve been affected by Roundup or if a loved one is, it’s essential to get legal help. Husain Law + Associates — Houston Accident & Injury Lawyers, P.C. Roundup litigation is the specialty of a group of experienced attorneys. Here’s a list of reasons you should consider us your strongest advocate.

Our Expertise

Husain Law + Associates — Houston Accident & Injury Lawyers, P.C. is well-versed in the complex legal issues of Roundup lawsuits. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of Roundup cases and have successfully obtained client compensation. We have a team dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive the justice they are entitled to.

Our Approach

In our law office, Our roundup cancer litigation attorneys put our clients first. We understand how intimidating and overwhelming the legal system can be, especially if you are dealing with serious health issues. We offer a personalized approach to every client, providing them with individual support and attention during their case. We listen to them, answer any questions they may have, and keep up with the case’s progress. Our goal in the legal process is to make it as stress-free for our clients as possible.

Our Resources

We have access to the latest scientific research and experts in the field to build strong cases for our clients. We have access to the newest scientific research and experts in this field to build strong cases for clients. We have a vast network of medical professionals to help our clients. We are committed to providing our clients with the best legal support and representation.

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