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The dangers of road rage

Road rage is a persistent problem in Texas and other states. One study estimated that fatal crashes related to road rage have increased by 500% in the last 10 years. Other reports have found that incidents of drivers showing or firing guns have also increased. Unfortunately, such incidents make the roads more dangerous for all drivers.

A poll from the American Automobile Association’s Foundation for Traffic Safety revealed that 80% of those questioned felt serious anger at least once while driving during the past year. Among those surveyed, 33% of drivers made rude gestures while on the road, 47% yelled at other drivers, 45% honked their horns and 51% purposefully drove closely behind another vehicle.

Some drivers prevent vehicles from changing lanes while other motorists are not afraid to purposefully ram cars or get out and confront another driver. Roughly 6 million U.S. drivers are guilty of hitting another vehicle on purpose in a fit of road rage.

The best way to deescalate a tense situation is to not react to an irritated driver or to use a friendly gesture to apologize. When being followed by an angry driver, a motorist should drive at normal speeds and leave enough room between vehicles to escape if necessary.

To get away from an angry driver, one could also drive to a busy area or honk when near a fire or police station to attract attention. If another driver is acting recklessly, one should not lower windows or get out of a vehicle.

A driver who acts erratically and causes a car crash may be the target of a personal injury claim. By filing a suit after a road rage incident, the injured party may receive compensation for expenses related to a crash. An attorney could help the plaintiff fight for a fair settlement.