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Accidents can happen anytime and to anyone. When they do, it may not be easy to determine who was at fault. When an accident occurs in the parking lot, for instance, the drivers may be unable to identify who was responsible accurately.

Nonetheless, there are instances where drivers are sure they caused an accident. They may not know what to do when they find themselves in this situation. In this post, we answer the question; What happens if I’m at fault in a car accident.

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Fault is handled differently across states. In fault states, the at-fault driver is liable for damages of all injured parties. On the other hand, each driver in no-fault states carries a personal injury protection coverage. They cover their own damages after an accident.

Like most states, Texas is a fault state. This means that your car insurance will cover the other driver’s damages if you cause an accident. The driver may also file a claim or lawsuit against you.


Damages are any losses caused by an accident that involves negligence. They can be economical or noneconomic. Depending on the nature and severity of the accident, you may be required to cover damages such as:

  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning ability
  • Treatment costs and medical bills
  • Rehabilitation
  • Vehicle repair
  • Pain and suffering

As a driver in a fault state, you are required to have an auto insurance policy. This policy will cover any and all damages up to your limit. Anything above that, you may have to cover out-of-pocket.

You may also be liable for additional costs if the other driver sues you for more money than your policy covers. In this situation, it is best to retain a Houston Car Accident Attorney.

Can You Get Compensation If the Accident Was Your Fault?

Apart from wondering ‘what happens if I’m at fault in a car accident,’ you should also worry about protecting your rights. This is important as it may prevent you from being taken advantage of or losing too much money.

After causing an accident:

  • Check yourself for injuries then check on the other driver or passengers.
  • If anyone is seriously injured, call 911
  • Call the police and report the car accident. It is vital that you remain at the scene until they arrive.
  • Collect evidence of the accident. This includes pictures of the scene, vehicles, and injuries suffered. It should prevent anyone from changing the narrative later.
  • Exchange information with the other driver, such as contact details, insurance information, and names.
  • Inform your insurance company immediately.
  • Contact a trusted law firm to talk to a car accident attorney about your legal options.


Car accidents can be unexpected and stressful, regardless of who is at fault. It is essential that you relax and maintain a positive outlook. With luck, you and the other driver may escape with only minor injuries and property damage.

Immediately after you realize you have caused an accident, contact us at (713) 804-8149 to speak to a Houston Car Accident Attorney. Make sure you don’t admit fault to the other driver, police, or the insurance company.

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