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If you’ve suffered an injury in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be struggling with lost wages, mounting medical bills, chronic pain, emotional trauma, or grief over losing a loved one. It can quickly become overwhelming. This is where a personal injury attorney steps in.

But what types of cases do personal injury lawyers actually handle day to day? Here is what you should know.

Auto, Truck and Motorcycle Collisions

Without question, motor vehicle accidents account for the majority of serious personal injury cases. Many are caused by dangerously distracted driving. Others happen due to drunk driving, fatigued truckers, reckless motorcyclists not wearing helmets, speeding, unsafe lane changes or turns, and other forms of negligence on our busy roads and highways.

Some of the most common collision-related cases personal injury lawyers manage include:

Rear-End Collisions

One of the most frequent accidents handled by personal injury attorneys stems from rear-end collisions. These often happen when the at-fault driver fails to stop their vehicle in time and plows into the back of another car stopped while waiting to turn or at a red light.

Head-On Collision Injury Cases

Head-on crashes are another major category personal injury lawyers help with regularly. These frontal impacts occur when someone drifts over the center line into oncoming traffic, tries making an unsafe pass around a bend or over a hill, drives the wrong way down a highway, or otherwise winds up directly in the path of another vehicle. The resulting collision force can cause grave injuries like collapsed lungs, organ damage, spinal fractures, traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, disfigurement from burns, or wrongful death. Legal action targets at-fault drivers and often uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to secure compensation.

Rollover Crashes

According to crash scene analysts, rollover accidents occur far less often than other types of collisions. Yet they account for nearly 35% of all vehicle occupant deaths annually. Top-heavy vehicles like SUVs and trucks have higher rollover risk due to high center of gravity. These particularly violent crashes also happen frequently due to slippery roadway surfaces, unsafe turns or lane changes at speed, sideswiping guardrails or obstacles, steep embankments, and median crossovers resulting in a flip. Victims often suffer amputations, spinal damage, brain trauma, and other catastrophic harm. Skilled personal injury lawyers help secure substantial damages in these cases.

Hit-and-Run Injuries

Another prime case personal injury attorneys must pursue regularly stems from irresponsible motorists who cause an accident and leave the scene without stopping to render aid or exchange insurance information as required by law. That leaves innocent injury victims abandoned and facing massive losses through no fault of their own. Without the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage, hit-and-run victims often pursue their uninsured motorist protection, med pay benefits, work comp claims if injured on the job while driving, and any other avenues possible. A dedicated personal injury lawyer thoroughly investigates these complex cases to build strong evidence even without the fleeing driver present.

Premises Liability Cases

Property owners have a legal duty of care to maintain their premises safe for visitors like customers, clients, guests, delivery drivers, and staff. When their negligence leads to hazardous conditions on their property, injured victims have the right to hold them accountable through a premises liability lawsuit.

Slip, Trip, and Fall Injury Lawsuits

Wet floors, cracked or uneven sidewalks/steps, poor lighting, cluttered walkways, missing handrails and guardrails, and unlocked doors exiting into dangerous areas represent just some of the defects personal injury lawyers see in premises liability cases regularly.

Inadequate Security & Violent Crimes

Personal injury attorneys also help victims of muggings, rapes, assaults, and other violence seek compensation if unsafe property conditions enabled their attacker. Poor exterior lighting, broken access control systems, lack of security patrols and guards, overgrown vegetation, and other deficiencies often contribute to criminals targeting victims on or adjacent to negligence premises. Holding property owners accountable funds victims’ medical recovery, counseling for emotional trauma, missed wages from being unable to work, and more.

Swimming Pool & Water Park Accidents

The lack of fencing with self-closing access gates, absence of anti-entrapment drain covers, no lighting outside operating hours, lack of posted rules and supervision, insufficient chemical maintenance, and other factors create liability when they result in harm on the premises. Personal injury lawyers usually represent victims of swimming pool and water park accidents.

Dog Bite Injury Cases

Dog bites and maulings cause hospitalization for thousands annually, primarily vulnerable victims like small children. When a dangerous dog hasn’t been safely confined, posted with beware of dog signage, muzzled in public, or properly trained and supervised, for example, owners may be liable for bite injuries their negligence enabled. Common injuries in severe dog attacks covered by personal injury attorneys for victims include deep tissue wounds, scarring disfigurement, psychological trauma, infections, organ damage, broken bones, blood loss, and wrongful death. State laws dictate strict liability for owners of breeds considered inherently aggressive.

Job & Workplace Related Injuries

Millions of employees are injured on the job annually nationwide, despite federal requirements for employers to provide safe working conditions. Construction accidents, transportation collisions, equipment failures, confined space hazards, falls from height, trench collapses, explosions and burns, cumulative trauma, lack of protective gear, failure to train adequately for hazardous jobs, and similar negligence contribute to these workplace injuries regularly. Some common work accident cases personal injury lawyers assist with include:

Construction & Industrial Accidents

Building construction consistently ranks among the most dangerous occupations, with nearly 1,000 worker fatalities occurring nationally every year. Leading hazards like falls from rooftops, scaffolding collapses, electric shocks, heavy equipment accidents, crushing injuries, and being struck by swinging loads cause catastrophic and fatal harm regularly when general contractors and project owners fail to prioritize worker safety. Personal injury law provides critical legal recourse for injured workers and grieving families in the aftermath.

Transportation & Trucking Accidents

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports transportation incidents as the leading cause of workplace fatalities overall. Collisions involving large trucks, company fleet vehicles, dangerous roadway conditions, jackknifing, shifting loads, rollovers, fleet maintenance negligence, and other common risks contribute to these high injury rates. Seeking compensation for medical bills, permanent disability, and wrongful death depends heavily on trucking regulations, maintenance records, and proper documentation at the scene. This is where knowledgeable personal injury attorneys specializing in commercial vehicle accidents are invaluable.

Offshore Oil Platform Injuries

One of the most complex and catastrophic categories of workplace accidents stems from oil rigs and offshore platforms. Equipment defects, remote locations far from emergency care, extreme weather hazards, improper training for new workers, lack of regular maintenance, heavy machinery failures, and other threats all contribute to these dangerous work environments. Burn injuries, head and spinal trauma, lost limbs, drowning deaths, pulmonary damage and long-term disability warrant substantial legal damages when rig operators engage in negligence at sea.

Explosions & Chemical Exposure Cases

Preventable explosions and hazardous chemical leaks also cause grievous harm in industrial facilities regularly. Electrical issues, improper equipment use, confined space risks, inadequate protective gear against caustic substances, holding employers fully accountable provides vital compensation for pain, medical expenses, and livelihood loss after these life-changing workplace catastrophes enabled by preventable employer negligence.

Other Common Personal Injury Cases

Beyond workplace accidents and unsafe premises conditions, personal injury attorneys assist victims facing negligence and suffering in numerous other contexts as well. Other prominent categories of personal injury cases include:

Defective & Dangerous Products

When a design flaw, manufacturing defect, or inadequate safety features cause a product to injure someone, the brands and retailers behind them bear responsibility. Some everyday product risks known to cause injuries include airbag failures in crashes, surgical mesh complications, faulty hip and knee implants needing repeat revision surgeries, dangerous drugs with harmful side effects like internal bleeding, furniture tipping without stable bases, and so much more. Quality legal representation directs liability where it belongs – on the negligent parties responsible for allowing defective products to harm innocent consumers. Experienced personal injury lawyers handle complex cases involving damaged product regulations, manufacturing protocols, quality control measures, warning labels review, and in-depth investigation to build viable claims.

Medical Malpractice Cases

Doctors, nurses, surgeons, dentists, therapists, clinics, hospitals, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers often make minor mistakes in the course of caring for patients daily. However, some errors turn catastrophic when substandard medical care, preventable mistakes, lack of communication, anesthesia mishaps, poor infection control, incorrect prescriptions, or missed diagnoses lead to a disabling illness, permanent injury, or wrongful death that competent care could have avoided.

Victims absolutely deserve accountability and compensation when faced with massive care needs, lost work time, and mounting bills after an instance of medical negligence changed their lives forever. Qualified personal injury lawyers navigate these intricately complex cases requiring extensive medical records review, sympathetic medical experts who can clearly explain how care standards were breached and caused harm evident in records, valuation of therapies and assistance the patient now needs, and compassionate negotiation for damages that help victims move forward.

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

As the American population ages rapidly, more seniors rely on skilled nursing facilities and long-term care centers to meet mounting health challenges. Yet too often, critically low staffing levels, failure to assist with basic needs like feeding, bathing, or toileting needs, medication management errors, untreated bedsores, and infections, lack of fall prevention aids, wandering residents unattended, and other forms of negligence contribute to decline and death annually. Vulnerable aging loved ones deserve the highest standards of compassionate dignified care. Accountability for preventable abuse, neglect, and exploitation provides critical financial resources for alternative placement and elevated care levels victims require after previous facilities’ shocking lapses.

Wrongful Death Claims

Losing a beloved family member never gets easier, especially after a preventable accident or act of negligence like a drunk driving crash, medical mistake, workplace incident, nursing home neglect case, or other personal injury event that simply should never have happened. Nothing fully compensates grieving families after such needless tragic loss. However, holding negligent parties fully accountable through a dedicated wrongful death claim ensures resources exist for funeral expenses, grief counseling, and financial stability for spouses, children, and other dependents missing critical income in the aftermath.

Experienced personal injury lawyers handle countless wrongful death cases annually, delivering results and a form of closure for struggling families.

And So Much More…

Other categories include cases of exposure to dangerous chemicals at work leading to cancer, respiratory illness from asbestos or silica dust inhalation, burns and scarring from flammable materials, terrified diners sickened by contaminated restaurant food, pedestrians hit by vehicles with right of way in crosswalks, injuries on public transportation due to poor maintenance, harm on commercial premises like stores from falling debris or violent physical security, plus any scenario you can imagine stemming from preventable negligence.

The key common thread connecting this vast, complex realm of legal disputes – everyday people facing mounting bills, lost opportunities, trauma, and reduced well-being that should have never happened if others upheld basic duties of care and consideration. Personal injury law uniquely empowers everyday people – through their personal injury lawyers – to demand accountability.

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