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Kohl’s non-subscriber status does not stop employees from sustaining injury or seeking compensation. With the help of Husain Law + Associates—Houston Accident & Injury Lawyers, P.C. injured Kohl’s workers can take time off to heal as the attorneys handle the legal battle.

Understanding Kohl’s Non-Subscriber Status

Kohl’s is a private Texas employer that opted out of Texas workers’ compensation. Despite this, injured Kohl’s workers have a legal avenue to pursue compensation for the injuries and damages they sustain while working at Kohl’s. Injured workers can increase their chances of success by working with qualified Kohl’s workers’ compensation attorneys.

Avenues for Injured Employees

Kohl’s is among the many companies that do not have a compensation policy for its employees. It majorly relies on third-party insurance companies to provide insurance covers to its employees. Employees of the company have two avenues to obtain compensation for work injuries. The two options include;

  • Personal Injury Claims: The employees can file suits for injuries that they incurred in the cause of their employment.
  • Other Compensation Avenues: While there is no standard set of procedure for obtaining this compensation, injured employees of the company can explore different compensation avenues such as; health insurance policy, special needs policy among others.

Downsides of being an Injured Worker at Kohl’s

Among the many challenges that injured workers at Kohl’s experience include;

  • Minimal Benefits: Due to non-subscriber policies injured workers get minimal benefits compared to workers in compensation policies.
  • Workplace Pressure: While navigating the whole process can be time-confusing and overwhelming, injured employees may face pressure from their colleagues to accept low compensations.
  • Hard Test in Determining Negligence– in order to determine that the company is liable for the injuries, injured employees are required to prove the element of negligence which can be difficult to prove when it occurred indirectly.
  • Complex Legal Battles– dealing with the legal systems upon the occurrence of accidents can be traumatizing to the injured victims.
  • Expenses– the biggest aftermath of workplace accidents is financial torture. This is evident through huge medical bills and the risk of losing jobs which are the main source of income for many people.

Initiating a workplace injury suit against Kohl’s

Filing a Kohl’s workers compensation lawsuit involves:

  • Establishing a Legal Cause of Action: this entails looking at the facts of the case to determine if there is a worthy cause of action against Kohl’s.
  • Determining Liability: the occurrence of accidents is contributed by many players. To institute a suit against Kohl’s it is prudent to establish that the injuries were majorly contributed by its negligence.
  • Compensation: through instituting a suit, one is ensured full compensation for the damage caused by workplace injuries. Special damages and general damages are among the major compensation acquired by parties in workplace injuries.
  • Legal Representation: getting a legal expert in non-subscriber occurrences will guarantee you full representation to the completion of the matter.
  • Statutory limitations: ensure that you comply with the statutory set times for filing work-injury suits.

The Role of a Kohl’s Workers Compensation Lawyer

Work injury attorneys have proven to be very instrumental in handling work injury compensation for non-subscribers. That is due to the following factors;

  • They help you to understand your rights and obligations in work injury claims
  • Workers Compensation Lawyer are well-versed in the legal frameworks that govern different sectors among them being work injuries.
  • They help you determine if your case has a legal cause of action that will help you build a winning case
  • In instances where your case might proceed to the litigation level, the attorneys provide you with full legal representation guaranteeing of your maximum compensation.
  • They help you negotiate with Kohl’s team and insurance authorities to ensure that you get maximum compensation.
  • They are well-trained and equipped to handle complex matters that arise on a case-to-case basis.

Key takeaways in selecting a Lawyer for Kohl’s Non-Subscriber Cases

The success of your suit largely depends on the lawyer that you have chosen. Therefore, it is prudent that you consider the following factors to get the best lawyer for your suit;

  • Specialty in handling Non-subscriber cases– by choosing an attorney who is well-versed in such cases, you will be in a better position to build a winning case
  • Client feedback– get a lawyer who has good reviews from previous clients. Reviews act as a testament to the quality of their work over time.
  • Good customer care skills– get a lawyer who has the interest of his clients at heart. This will ensure that you get a personalized experience with them, guaranteeing the fulfillment of all their needs.
  • Compliance with the legal frameworks– get a lawyer who has all the necessary permits required of them to practice as a work injuries attorney.

Strongholds of your Kohl’s Non-Subscriber Case

Injured employees can build a strong case against Kohl’s through the right evidence. The evidence includes:

  • Hospital reports: ensure that you have in your possession all medical reports and records that are a result of work injuries.
  • Witness statements: take note of any party that has been through Kohl’s working experience and their experience with obtaining injuries as a non-subscriber. Their statements can provide valuable firsthand accounts that support your claim.
  • Record keeping: ensure that you keep records of everything that occurs around the scene of the injury and after the occurrence. This will be instrumental in quantifying the amount of damage that one is to be compensated for.

Navigating the Unique Legal Landscape of Kohl’s Non-Subscriber Cases

Regular worker’s compensation differs from non-subscriber claims in several ways:

  • Limited Benefits: In Texas, the workers’ compensation system offers extensive benefits to injured workers, such as medical treatment, wage replacement, and disability benefits. 
  • Legal Responsibility: In cases involving non-subscriber employers like Kohl’s, injured employees can file a work injury lawsuit to pursue compensation. 
  • Specific Legal Requirements: Dealing with a non-subscriber case against Kohl’s requires a solid grasp of the particular legal rules and procedures involved. 
  • Complicated Legal Defenses: Non-subscriber employers like Kohl’s often use different legal strategies to reduce their liability in workplace injury lawsuits. 

Seeking Alternative Dispute Resolution Options with Kohl’s

Injured Kohl’s workers can sue their employees for compensation for their injuries. They can also explore other avenues for the same. These are:

Settlement Negotiations

One possible alternative to litigation is engaging in settlement negotiations with Kohl’s. Settlement negotiations require the employer and employee to negotiate for a mutually agreeable settlement. Settlement agreements do not go to court. 


Mediation requires a mediator. This mediator facilitates conversations between the injured worker and Kohl’s. The mediator works with both sides, ensuring each presents their interests. 


Arbitrators are impartial decision-makers who work closely with injured workers and Kohl’s employers. Their goal is to review the evidence each party presents and make a final and legally enforceable decision. 

Filing Deadlines for Kohl’s Non-Subscriber Claims

Kohl’s worker’s compensation claims have strict deadlines. Injured workers must file their claims within these deadlines to receive their worker’s compensation claim. Missing these deadlines can negatively affect an injured worker’s ability to recover damages for their injuries. 

The law requires injured employees to notify their employers within thirty days of sustaining a workplace injury. When injured workers fail to report an injury, the employer considers it a forfeiture of the employee’s right to compensation. The law may make exceptional provisions when the injury is so severe that the injured employee could possibly help themselves. 

Another deadline concerns filing a lawsuit against your employer. Since Kohl’s is a non-subscriber company, injured employees can file a personal injury lawsuit against their employers to recover more documents. 

Missing these deadlines as an injured employee negatively affects you as you might lose the ability to sue your employer for damages you suffered due to a workplace injury. 

Injured employees unfamiliar with the deadlines for filing a claim must work with experienced workers’ compensation attorneys to learn what’s expected at each step of the claims process. 

Necessary measures to take after Workplace Injury at Kohl’s

If you’ve been injured while working at Kohl’s and they don’t have workers’ compensation insurance, it’s important to know what steps you can take to protect your rights and seek compensation for your injuries. These are some proactive measures you can consider:

  • Consult with an Experienced Attorney: Contact a qualified lawyer specializing in handling non-subscriber cases against Kohl’s. They will have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the legal process and fight for your rights.
  • Gather Evidence: Collect any relevant evidence related to your accident and injuries. This may include photographs, witness statements, medical records, or safety reports. 
  • Document Everything: Keep a record of all communication, expenses, and changes in your condition following the incident.

Here is why you should consider legal representation

Here is why you should consider legal representation in obtaining your work injury compensation;

  • Work compensation lawyers are legally trained and fully equipped to handle such claims.
  • Non-subscriber suits are complex which might make it difficult for you to handle them individually.
  • The lawyers are well-versed in the legal frameworks and statutes that govern workplace injuries and compensation measures.
  • They possess strong negotiation skills which will enable them to advocate for your rights when negotiating with the parent company or their respective insurance company.
  • In instances where negotiations don’t work, work injury compensation lawyers will represent you in courts of law and ensure that you get maximum compensation as per the law.


You don’t have to navigate the worker’s compensation system when attorneys like Husain Law + Associates—Houston Accident & Injury Lawyers, P.C. can make your experience better. They are well knowledgeable about Kohl’s workers’ compensation insurance, which gives them a higher ground to protect your interests and ensure that you get your full compensation according to the law.

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